Sunday, October 16, 2005

The captions are back!

A picture "Super Moist" with easy puns

--"It'd be a heck of a lot easier if they would eat cake, so long as I'm the dictator"
--Unfortunately, you can't have your cake and walk it too
--"Psst, John...I said pure white COKE..."
--Like the band Cake, Dubya is "Never There"
--"Yellowcake" has a whole new meaning
--At left, John McCain squanders a one-of-a-kind wrist-flicking opportunity
--Now we know exactly how Debbie got so Little
--A square, attractive platter of empty calories, baked up for short-term gratification and wholly without any layers....yep, that's the Bush foreign policy!
--Apparently, Bush was a C-student in home economics as well; that wedding cake sucks
--"It can't be both our birthdays, can it?"
--The unfortunate parallel drawn between Bush and Marie Antoinette was simply the icing on the cake
--Usually, Bush has nothing to do with things in boxes that come off airplanes
--Cake, Bush and's like a 1990s mix tape, melted on the dashboard of time


Flamingo Jones said...

I vote for the last two. fabulous.

thehim said...

George Bush and John McCain show up in New Orleans in response to the government's poor response to Katrina saying, "Let them eat cake"

thehim said...

It's Johnny's birthday, people not under indictment get first dibs.

jen said...

omg Ian, I am laughing SO DAMN HARD at the mental image of McCain going *flip* and splattering cake all over bush that I have scared my cats awake. Thank you for that.

Nick said...


If you're hard, that's scary.


Where's Nagin? After all, he found a way to bus the people out of the projects for the elections, however, he couldn't find a way to bus them out in time for the hurricane.


Well, b/c of the persuation from my fiance (who voted for Kerry, figure that one), my blog is updated and hopefully to stay updated if I find the time.