Sunday, October 23, 2005

Caption Central

"Empty round things" edition

--Laura was the go-to expert on all things dense, seedy and big-headed
--"No, Mrs. Bush, I said bumpkin..."
--Looks like the Bush Cinderella story has finally reached midnight
--Jenna's beer, cigarette and actual face were digitally removed from this photograph
--"So YOU'RE Agent Orange!"
--Laura's purchase of the Great Pumpkin was appropriate, since she was already wearing Linus Van Pelt's security blanket
--Later that day, Dubya broke his foot when he tried to dribble
--As Republicans, the Bushes looked down on fruit
--In her hallucinatory state, Jenna's imaginary pumpkin was teal blue and sang "Yellow Submarine"
--After seeing these pumpkins, an alarmed White House jacked up the Terror Alert to "High"
--Catching Jenna Bush wasted is as easy as pumpkin pie!
--"Sir, these pumpkins are a gift from the corporate superfarm that took away your livelihood thanks to our agricultural policies."
--For Halloween, the Bush women scared the hell out of everyone by dressing up as GOP tax cuts
--"Christopher Reeve! You're alive!"
--"Mrs. Bush, I knew Jack O'Lantern. Jack O'Lantern was a friend of mine. Your husband, ma'am, is no Jack O'Lantern."


PusBoy said...

To stunned gasps from the crowd, Jenna managed to make a second pumpkin "disappear."

thehim said...

With the growing possibility of the Miers nomination failing, President Bush has decided to put plan B in motion: To nominate a Jack 'O Lantern to the Supreme Court