Saturday, September 17, 2005

Dueling quotes

"Some people think because they subscribe for a paper and pay for it, the editor is thereby under obligations to write especially for them, and when they see anything in it that doesn't exactly suit their views they pronounce the paper a fraud and the editor an ass."
--Oklahoma Star editorial, Jan. 4, 1876 (as quoted in Newspapering in the Old West by Robert F. Karolevitz)

"We can't print that use of the American flag in advertisements is illegal, even though it's true. That would upset our advertisers."
--Told to me by my then-editor, July 2002

The good old days weren't always good, but they did have their moments.


Mikel said...

American flag toilet paper. It is legal in America to manufacture and sell. Illegal to use. Major Market - France. Bush toilet paper - get in on the ground floor - world-wide distribution - franchises available. Nothing personal its just business.

super_structure said...

I may certainly be wrong here, but I thought that the flag code stated that the American flag should not be used in advertising. However, this is not law (i.e., not enforceable) and simply a code of conduct adopted by a sizable portion (if not majority) of the citizenry.

However, the code also states that the flag shouldn't ever be put on anything disposable. Walk thought Wal-Mart on the 3rd of July and see if you can count that high.

American Flat Toilet Paper said...

MikeL, it appears that America's neighbors to the north are now manufacturing and selling American Flag Toilet Paper. See: