Monday, August 01, 2005

Shameless self-promotion

In the past couple of days I have learned a few life lessons:

1) Sleeping until 5 p.m. is a lot like doing drugs: it feels good at the time, but then you wonder where your time and ambition went. Then you do it all over again.

2) Even after partying on a Saturday night, I still have the ability to come home and write an in-depth post comparing Reaganomics to beer.

3) While the news muse might strike me on Sunday, that doesn't mean anyone's going to read the results.

4) But your teenage sister might read it, and then try to write some of her own, which she will demand you read at 3 a.m. And then she will petition the local public-access channel (where she is a certified camera operator) to film the newscast with her friends.

So never forget to read Not Right News. Because the children, not us, are the future.


Anonymous said...

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Flamingo Jones said...

Oh that I could afford even cheap corvette parts.

It's a sad commentary on our current society when I can't distinguish whether that previous comment was spam disguised as a compliment, or a compliment disguised as spam.

Now, for a real compliment, my dad found your blog today, and read all of the current posts. He laughed out loud several times (I think he laughed the most at "it's a small world after all"), and later he said simply "That McGibboney guy's a pretty good writer, isn't he?" Which is saying quite a bit, as my dad is the best writer I know, and certainly the most formidable literary critic on the planet.