Thursday, August 18, 2005

Putting the "spat" in "dispatch"

--A French firefighter was recently charged for starting the very blazes he had made local headlines for extinguishing. Pressed for comment about the hose police found in his house, the fireman said, "How dare you talk about my daughters that way!"

--Researchers at Harvard Medical School announced Wednesday that young children who eat french fries have a higher risk of breast cancer later in life. But scientists reassured consumers that, by then, they'll be too flabby to notice anyway.

--According to a new survey, nearly 70 percent of Americans expect to work well after retirement age. Many of them cited the poor economy and the fact that George W. Bush hasn't retired early.

--Scientists in Singapore have developed a urine-powered battery that they hope to use in disease-detection biochips. Once powered, the machines will diagnose you as a bedwetter.

Researchers hope the batteries eventually catch on as an alternative fuel source. But that will never happen, because urine-based batteries are too impractical for most everyday appliances. Not to mention how disgusting the batteries would be to change! So why research them at all? This news item brought to you by Halliburton.

--Oil workers in Beijing are ending their marriages after Huabei Oilfield Company announced its intention to rehire workers who divorced. In a related story, gas now costs way more than an arm and a leg.

--Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy attacked Supreme Court nominee John Roberts during confirmation hearings Tuesday, accusing the judge of being too extreme for the Court. Roberts denied the charges, asking what was so wrong about liking coathangers.

--A fisherman died on the eastern-German border after an unsuccessful attempt to reclaim his rod from a fish that had yanked it away. I don't see what the big deal was about that fishing pole. Duh, he was right next to Poland! Why didn't he just get another one?

--In license-plate news, police in the UK are testing tags with built-in microchips that, among other things, would allow drivers to pay tolls with a scan of their plate. The tags are endorsed by law enforcement officials, automobile associations and the Federation of Credit-Card Thieves with Screwdrivers.

--Finally, actress Eva Longoria was hit by a falling pole while filming her show "Desperate Housewives." Her head was treated, and her character is expected to resume giving head in no time.


rhonda said...

these are probably some of my favorite posts. a little comic relief after the previous firestorm. love ya :-)

ccgirl said...

FYI there has never been a documented case of a coathanger self imposed child loss aka abortion.

Ian McGibboney said...

ccgirl, that's why they're coathanger abortions--because they're illegal and undocumented. In any case, that is really just a metaphor for the ugly, dangerous, back-alley alternative to legalized abortion.

ccgirl said...

Unfortunately women are being mutilated and dying today in legal abortions. Abortion clinics are less regulated than veterinary clinics. Any attempt to require sanitary conditions or similar minumm standards meets with fierce opposition from those who care about maintaining the profits of the multibillion dollar abortion industry rather than the women who are permanently damaged physically and emotionally from their self imposed child loss experience.

Their deaths are often listed as being caused by sepsis or some other conditions that was a result of the abortion procedure.

ccgirl said...



Ian McGibboney said...

Well then, that should be addressed, just as it should for any unregulated industry. Not that I'm counting on it to happen with this administration.

The Goblin Slayer said...

Why would women take a chance of being mutilated in an unregulated clininc instead of just giving up the child for adoption?

Ian McGibboney said...

A million reasons I'm sure. Not the least of which is that so many children are already up for adoption, and most don't get adopted because the number-one requested child is a healthy white baby, whereas most kids up for adoption are minority non-babies.

ccgirl said...

There are a few who choose it on their own, because they are highly selfish and don't want to deal with the inconvenience of a 9 month pregnancy.

Many women however are pressured by parents, boyfriends, employers, or others close to them to get rid of the child. They feel they have no other choice.

Counseling in abortion clinics usually consists of persuading the woman why she would not be a good mother and why she should abort.

A woman in a crisis pregnancy is very vulnerable to the pressure of those around her on whom she may be dependent on.

Ian McGibboney said...

In most cases, I think it's unfair to accuse a woman having an abortion as being selfish. Indeed, many of these women see it as a better option than raising a child in poverty or resentment and often without a father.

As for the pressure issue, it works both ways. How many women are pressured to have a baby by others, only to have that support network completely disappear once the baby is born? Happens more than you might think.

And I have no problem with abortion clinics offering counseling. What I have a problem with are the kind in my area, which advertise themselve as "abortion" clinics when in reality they are church-run centers.

Bottom line, I believe women have a right to choose whether or not she wants to have a baby and should do so as early in the conception stage as possible. If she is comfortable enough to make the decision to abort, then she should have a safe facility and caring professionals.

Phillip said...

being male i try not to get into the abortion debate for the most part, but i think the gay marriage approach applies: if you don't approve of abortions, don't get one. it's a philosophical/religous issue, and trouble always arises when you try to governmentally regulate people's beliefs.

rhonda said...

phizz, you'd be surprised how many people share your view, even in my pretty conservative neck of the woods. couldn't have said it better myself.

Alisha said...

Ian, if the organizations you are talking about are Pregnancy Resource Centers then they are not run by churches but may be funded by a church. Even so, these organizations are highly regulated by a national organization and have guidelines they have to follow. They do not advertise as abortion fact they are very upfront from the beginning when someone calls that they are not abortion clinics and cannot give referrals for abortions. They also have to give information on abortion, parenting, and adoption...the information is all unbiased and strickly facts...these places cannot try to persuade a woman one way or another. Unlike abortion clinics, which are all about the money, these centers are focused on helping women make the right decision for them and provide an non-judgmental atmosphere.

Ian McGibboney said...

Alisha, look in any Vermilion and you'll see what I'm talking about. There's always an ad that says, "ABORTION? Get the facts." Those are the things to which I refer. Technically true, but generally misleading advertising. I don't see why they feel the need to do this.

As for abortion centers, I can't say one way or the other what they're about, because I've never been to one. But I'm sure any reputable one has a professional and caring atmosphere. Would seem only fair considering the gravity of the situation.

Ian McGibboney said...

Rhonda, phizz understands. He lives in Lafayette.

ccgirl said...

Ian, in your spare time, you might consider researching the reality of abortion. There are videos and pictures of procedures online which make me sick and very sad.

How can a facility that dismembers living babies have a caring atmosphere?

A woman who has an abortion has not avoided motherhood. She has become the mother of a dead child. You can not choose to destroy life within you that is meant to be loved without destroying part of your own soul.

My heart grieves for every mother who has chosen abortion and for her precious child that was not given the chance to be loved.

It is also a shame that those politicians who claim to be pro-life support policies that do not provide aid to single mothers with children.

Ian McGibboney said...

"There are videos and pictures of procedures online which make me sick and very sad."

Well, of course I agree that abortion is a nasty process, and I'm certainly not arguing that anyone should have one. But two things to consider on this point: something being disgusting is not reason to ban it. All killing and most food processing are disgusting processes. Second, the abortions seen on anti-abortion sites are invariably extreme ones. Most abortions happen long before much cell formation takes place. Third-trimester abortions are illegal anyway, except to save the life of the mother.

"How can a facility that dismembers living babies have a caring atmosphere?"

Well, it can make the experience less traumatic, I suppose. And not as painful. Not that much different than other surgeries.

"A woman who has an abortion has not avoided motherhood. She has become the mother of a dead child. You can not choose to destroy life within you that is meant to be loved without destroying part of your own soul."

This argument is a matter of personal belief and is thus an unreliable bedrock for law. For example, Jehovah's Witnesses think that blood is part of one's soul and thus should not be transfused. Well, the government has decided that some people need blood transfusions, and thus both blood banks and Jehovah's Witnesses continue unabated. It's the beauty of separation of church and state.

I am both pro-choice and anti-death penalty, simply because I don't believe the government has the right to decide who lives and who dies. A government than bans abortion is a government that can REQUIRE them as well. And who wants that?

"It is also a shame that those politicians who claim to be pro-life support policies that do not provide aid to single mothers with children."

This is true almost to a person. There's a saying that Republicans only care about live babies and dead soldiers. That's my view as well.

Flamingo Jones said...

Wow...I stop reading and all of a sudden people start paying attention to your news items. I guess I better stay away more often for your own good.