Monday, August 29, 2005

One more update

Conditions in Lafayette have cleared up. In fact, I just took a bike ride, and noticed the humidity was almost nonexistent. Go figure that it takes horrible weather to make it feel good around here.

I just saw a live air-cam of New Orleans, and the Superdome looks like a giant rusty hubcap. Sections of the outer roofing have vanished, and much of the city is submerged, gutted or both. Though the aftermath doesn't appear as apocalyptic as some predicted (it never does), this is still as close as it's come in a long time. Hopefully we'll soon know how we can contribute to the cleanup effort.

If anybody has some information on how locals can help, don't hesitate to post it or link to it here.

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Michael said...

Mayor Kip Holden suggested donations to the Red Cross--and there might be additional resources at the Louisiana Government site. Glad Lafayette didn't get hit. Baton Rouge just had a glancing blow...although there are plenty of folks still without power.