Sunday, August 28, 2005

Katrina Kissmyassa

As I write this at 12:07 a.m., Lafayette is still a calm place, weather-wise at least. While running my usual bike route Sunday evening, I saw the pleasant blue sky chased away by dark storm cover. I sped home, feeling a couple of raindrops on the way. In the time it took me to check my e-mail, eat dinner and shower, the black clouds fled and left a perfect sunset sky. The weather outdoors continues to feel good, which in south Louisiana means only one thing: it's about to get nasty.

We've had (and are still experiencing) a glut of accidental tourism from those living in less-fortunate places, but all in all the traffic isn't any worse than the usual mess. Cars from everywhere line my street, their riders seeking refuge in the Hub City. Apparently, my neighbors have lots of friends--or at least they do now!

As for myself, I'm holed up in suburbia with my parents, sister and a ton of canned food and frozen pizzas, which will work out great--assuming that the electricity doesn't go out. I've talked to my brother on the phone (he lives about five miles away) and he's hunky-dory as well. So we're cranking up the REO Speedwagon and riding the storm out.

So, again, I'm all right as of now. Unless you're reading this on Thursday, in which case something is probably wrong. But I'll attempt to update as events develop. So stay tuned, and keep the fine people of the Superdome in your thoughts.

UPDATE: If you're feeling withdrawals from the usual Monday Caption Central (and I know you are), then head to phizz. He's got a great pic for laying down some captions.


Mustang Bobby said...

Take care, keep up the good spirits, and don't overdose on NutriGrain bars.

thehim said...

Stay safe, dude.