Sunday, August 21, 2005

Caption Central

"Watch me racist car" edition

--Before driving through New Orleans, this car was a 2005 Bentley
--The first-ever Gimp Car
--The car didn't have a number because none of its crew knew how to count
--These tires Don't Tread
--The ghettos aren't the only things with bad hoods
--Only whitewall tires are good enough for this fine automobile
--That chain's really been demoted since the Good Old Days
--Is there any significance in the fact that the wheels are yellow?
--White (door) power!
--When you're God's most gifted creation, you don't need a nice car to validate you (at least that's what Honest Bob tol' me)
--"No thanks, ah'm just gonna crash here tonat"
--Hey, something had to be done with Strom Thurmond's limousine
--No mirrors needed because racists are backwards to begin with
--The Demolition High drama department presents The Dukes of Hazzard!
--Crash test this, dummies!
--Jeff Foxworthy's new special is him just pointing to this car
--Like the car? You should see his computer!


Flamingo Jones said...

You'd think with No Child getting Left Behind, the owner of this car would know the difference between his C's and K's.

Nick said...

So...let me get this straight. Anyone who owns a rebel flag is automatically a racist? What if someone is just proud of their southern heritage?

Flamingo Jones said...

I'll buy that argument when I see some NAACP members proudly sporting that Stars and Bars too.