Monday, August 15, 2005

Caption Central

"Cumbersome birth control" edition

--As a swing voter, Alicia had enough of in-your-face political tactics
--Modeling is a business where you really have to put your nose to the grindstone
--Your average Fox News viewer
--This machine is offered by a faceless corporation
--Every conservative's dream woman: tight body, barefoot, reticent and silent
--Hey! Elbows off the cradle!
--Introducing the first butterface churner
--When the glass ceiling just isn't enough...
--For some reason, Katherine kept driving the wrong way
--The first-ever public glimpse at Bush's rose-colored simulator
--Karl Rove's wife prepares for yet another session
--It's just a birthmark!
--"No Child Left Behind" now requires every student to pass an eye test while taking their school portrait
--Once you go black, you hurt your back
--Presenting the new GOP sex education...deterrent
--Today's Photo Daily Double: "What happened to voters in 2004?"


thehim said...

The first automatic nose job machine, and the bravest human being ever to test it out.

Joe said...

Only this machine can take you to the lagoon of the moutain of gold.

MPH said...

The only kind of lesbianism the GOP endorses.