Sunday, July 24, 2005

Caption central

"Colors of the windbag" edition

--January 20, 2009--representatives from other countries are reminded to contain their excitement until Dubya has boarded the helicopter
--"Who gives a flying flag about y'all?"
--At that moment, Bush regretted supporting the Flag Desecration Amendment
--Despite the protests, Bush soldiered on fearlessly, followed by the Coalition of the Willing
--The few, the proud...the Saltine
--Looks like somebody ate beans for lunch
--Bush's new blinders worked spectacularly well in preliminary testing
--"Dammit...anybody selling a ticket?"
--Obscure: notice how the fifth column is gone?
--Bush never looks back and always stays the course (this caption courtesy of the White House)
--Bush would rather walk around all day than ask a foreigner for directions to his pulpit
--Eighties: Unable to identify any of the flags, Bush opted for the "physical challenge"
--Deep down, Bush wondered if the yellow ramp was meant to tell him something
--Looks like Dubya once again fell asleep to The Wizard of Oz
--The crowd watched patiently as Bush walked out of his mousehole and toward the cheese
--The international presence was a stirring reminder to Bush that he enjoyed maple syrup
--"Damn those cell-phone peddlers and their international calling plans! Don't they realize I don't have any friends in other countries?"
--"Earth to Bush...Earth to Bush..."


rhonda said...

hands down, the eighties caption is my favorite. did you know that during the long run of double-dare host marc summers was diagnosed with OCD? now there's some ironic food for thought for ya...smeared.....EVERYWHERE!

Ian McGibboney said...

Yes, I did know that! I heard that he'd spend hours at home smoothing the fringe on his carpets. Ironic indeed.

Phillip said...

i look at that picture and for some reaason i hear that ludicrus (ooooooooh double entendre) song "southern hospitality" playing in the background.