Sunday, July 17, 2005

Caption Central

"Courtin', Southern style" edition

--This Supreme Court battle is going to be a bitch...
--Among the Supreme Court nominee pool? General Lee!
--Southerners picketed the "walk-on-the-rebel-flag" art exhibit
--Boy, that's one confusing litmus test
--The South will rise again, one step at a time!
--Stars, bars and Civil War whores
--"Wanna go to Denny's afterwards?"
--The people's KKKourt
--Sorry to burst your bubble, guys, but Black Flag doesn't mean what you think it does
--"And then Will Smith and Martin Lawrence burst out of Klan robes, and cop the dudes for drug trafficking! It was so tight!"
--Their keynote speaker? Clarence Thomas! (Actually, that's probably true)
--Obscure: The flag was sown by Dred Scott's descendant, Thred (or was it Plessy Ross?)
--"Gee, Clem, how we gonna git the flag 'cross these columns?"
--Their penance for losing the war? They have to fold that thing
--Music provided by the Fiddle-De-Dees
--That flag required a Million Man Starch
--"Might I remind our critics that we have freedom of speech here in the glorious United States? So, uh, long live the Confederacy!"


Flamingo Jones said...

I like your obscure one the best. Is that really obscure though? I suppose it is.....that's sad.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Mike

Ian McGibboney said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

ica said...

The people's KKKourt

My favorite.