Sunday, July 10, 2005

Caption central

"Hammertime" edition

--"Damn these screws!"
--Where's Mel Gibson when you need him?
--Despite his best efforts, George didn't win the stuffed bear
--"Christ, George! That hurts!"
--Doesn't he know that Hammer is passe?
--When Bush gets an idea, he really beats it to death
--It's Habitat for Insanity!
--Bush witnesses firsthand how our soldiers armor their Humvees
--Anybody remember that scene in Lethal Weapon 3 where the villain pushes a troublesome employee into a fresh concrete foundation? Just wondering...
--"Pass me some gloves, Danny! Ha ha ha! I kill me!"
--"What do you mean, we're building this for a homeless person?!!"
--Is Bush so insecure that he carries a tiny right-hand man?
--I've never seen a tool wield a tool before
--Bush nailed the photo-op on the first take
--Bush's workbelt allows for convenient access to his special interests
--Presenting "Home Improvement, the Movie"
--If the house winds up like the last thing Bush "rebuilt," it'll be unplanned, messy, costly, dangerous, and will take years to build
--"Black men with hammers? Doesn't the PATRIOT Act outlaw that?"
--Guess the budget finally ran out on Cheney's undisclosed location
--"Ah'll measure, 'cause I'm the ruler! Get it?"
--"Raising barns is tough! I could never be Farmish!"
--Born with a silver hammer, thinking he built a triple-wide
--The crew, ironically enough, asked Bush to check for stability
--At last! Community service!!

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Flamingo Jones said...

"nailed the photo-op"...ah ha ha ha!