Sunday, July 03, 2005

Caption central

Summer school edition

--"So that's what they look like close up!"
--"Miss Nelson? The First Lady's head is sagging again!"
--Chris Rock watched auditions for the Terri Schiavo movie
--Is our First Ladies learning?
--"Oh, sure, it's cheating when I do it! But when it's Laura Bush..."
--"Must hold still...her vision's based on movement!"
--Citing costs and demands, the Bush administration eliminated the "Laura-riding-your-ass" clause from No Child Left Behind
--Laura's campaign to teach kids that "anyone can become president" was the greatest success of the Bush education plan
--"What do you want to be when you grow up?" "Employed." "Awww! Don't kids say the darnedest things?"
--You know, Mary Kay Letourneau started out like this...
--"Can you put two and two together? No? Wanna be a Republican?"

--CONVOLUTED ATTEMPT TO TIE THIS IN WITH INDEPENDENCE DAY: "What's for lunch today?" "Hot dogs and apple pie!"


MPH said...

My, you're cute enough to own!

PusBoy said...

Laura Bush enjoys her Uncle Milton's Small Black Child Farm. "Look at the tunnels they've dug! And, they're growing their own food!"

ica said...

Ha ha sad as it is, the first one is the best.

Harley Quinn said...

This was TOO funny!

Hel Fire said...

LOL excellent captions :-D and i love your blog too