Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Welcome Independent / Verm readers!

Yesterday my blog was mentioned in not one, but TWO local newspapers.

The first was a mention in The Vermilion, the first post-Ian issue. Their new liberal columnist, David Coy, seems to be ready to take the reins. Cool.

The second mention was a bit of a surprise. The Independent, an independent (natch) weekly in Lafayette, did its latest cover story on the blog explosion. They featured a trio of local bloggers, including two friends of Not Right, timshel and howyamoman'dem?

I guess I can say this publicly now: timshel himself, "Ricky Prado," is actually Karl Schott, a guy I've known since 4th grade. We wrote on our high school's newspaper together for a year, which was the year Clinton won re-election. I once mentioned here how I had a friend who was the only one out of 11,000 people at a local hockey game who cheered at the news that Bill had taken Louisiana. He was that guy.

I'd lost touch with him after high school, but then saw him again when I met Murph, himself an expatriate Cajun in L.A. (and, ironically, the first one to notify me of the mention). Like Murph, Karl/Ricky is a great guy, and I only wish he still had the time to continue his top-notch blogging. Alas, the bastard had to go get a life. Mwehhh. Seriously, we miss ya, man. You just added to your legacy by being showcased as the leadoff blogger in the cover story even though you're blog-dead. Awesome!

The second blogger is the one that all Not Right readers look to (or should) for authentic Cajun recipes, howyamoman'dem? Named for the standard Cajun checkout-line greeting, "howyamoman'dem?" is run by Chrissy Lemaire, another Cajun expatriate in San Diego (What boat did I miss?) who is appalled by the non-authentic Cajun culture out there. Come to think of it, Cajun culture is indeed one of the most easily and consistently misrepresented cultures out there. I can't even do it properly, and it's in my blood! At least in a quarter of it. Anyway, Chrissy knows how to do it right. Check her out whenever you're hungry.

The third blogger is one I'd read before, through the Lafayette, LA listing (a listing I highly recommend if ever you need a LAFF RIOT), the less-political, more melancholy Portrait in Linen. It's the diary of a 31-year-old mom and the kids she homeschools. A nice entry to round off a diverse listing.

Then there's me and the others who merited a sidebar mention, in quick descriptions that would do TV Guide Channel proud:

Not Right About Anything is Ian McGibboney’s blog on the state of the world from a slightly left-leaning worldview.

"Slightly?" They're generous.

Crabwalk is the highly entertaining blog of Rayne, La., native and award-winning Dallas Morning News journalist Joshua Benton. Lots of emphasis on indie bands, media coverage and humorous links.

Oh, so he's "highly entertaining," while I'm just "blog?" What kind of passive-aggressive shit is that? Actually, it's probably true.

Seriously, though, it's a great honor just to be nominated. I would have mentioned phizz as well, though maybe the world isn't ready for the guy I call...hmm, maybe he's not ready to be outed just yet. And don't forget Manda at Shrimp Porn, which should have gotten in for the name alone. On the pachydermic side, they could have mentioned The Conservative Cajun and The Manning Report, if both of them hadn't quit blogging to become full-time Alan Colmeses to my Sean Hannity (with the ideologies reversed, of course). And I'd be amiss if I didn't mention the blog by the Independent's resident cartoonist, Greg Peters. So I'll be amiss. Just kidding! Here's Suspect Device.

Of course, this is only a partial list of what's out there. You should always check out all of my links. To "learn something," as the kids say nowadays.

Oh, and did you notice that the Independent actually mistyped my address? Classic. I totally endorse that, because I have a strong sense of irony. But seriously, kudos to the Ind for one of its strongest issues of the year. I suggest you check it out. Unless you're coming here from there. In which case it's pointless.


Phillip said...

they left out phizz? this is outrageous! it is egregious and arbitrary!

nah, i'm not ready for the pressure.

oyster said...

Congrats, Ian! Nice one.

Murph said...

Yeah, I guess they didn't feel right about printing "deadgayson" in the paper.

Flamingo Jones said...

Iam McGibboney: Just Blog.

I dunno. I kinda like it. Once they call you "highly entertaining" you're under pressure.

(And naturally, as soon as I typed the words "under pressure" the catchy David Bowie hook (that Vanilla Ice swears to God he didn't rip off) got stuck in my head. Great. Just Great.)

Ian McGibboney said...

Vanilla Ice really swears that? Boy, is he in for some hellfire and damnation...

On another note, does anyone else find it ironic that everybody on this thread has been a teammate for a long time? So much for exposure :)

M said...

As if I don't get enough weirdos trying to figure out what shrimp porn is without it being in a newspaper!

Nick said...

Man, if only I had kept blogging, I could have been nominated by the one and only, sand pit raking liberal, Icon McGibbony (what, there's supposed to be an "e" between the "n" and "y"?)

Seriously Icon, congratulations (however I'm supposed to spell it, you don't have spell checker in the comments). By the way, what do you think of your buddy, Howard Dean's comments that Republicans have never held an honest hard working job? I know he was your man for the Dem. nomination.

Ian McGibboney said...

All I know about the Dean comment is that it has Republicans in an uproar. And I've heard far worse from far too many other people. So it can't be all bad.

I'd probably slip far more often if, uh, when I run for president.

Nick said...

Yeah, personally, the Dean comment didn't bother me, I just wanted to know if you would actually stand by it. I know your buddy, Zac, is distancing himself from those comments. I just think it's stupid to label a whole group of people. I don't label all Muslims as insaine Jihadist, though many Muslims are that extreme.

If (when) you run for president, you'll have to beat me. I running as the People's Champion. Bwa hahaha.

Ian McGibboney said...

Which people, Nick?

Anyway, I base myself not on what Zac or Howard Dean says or whatever, but on what I say. And I say that, while Dean could use some refinement, he is not on a "deathwatch" like Aldaynet thinks. The right hopes he goes down, but I hope it'll take more than that.