Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Top 10 observations about online job hunting

1) They ought to call it!

2) It's a sad commentary on the state of our nation that the media category is typically lumped together with arts and entertainment. Look, I don't search media jobs so I can find "fashion models wanted," okay? How about lumping together "writing" and "media?" That way, I can not find jobs all in one fell swoop.

3) Too many of these jobs are entirely arbitrary to their categories. I'm finding Navy jobs under "writing." Is that Bush's employment plan?

4) On a Louisiana job site, the only job under one category was in MANHATTAN. What?

5) Based on the help wanted, everyone in south Louisiana is either a nurse or an oil driller. They ought to tell college students that at freshman orientation.

6) Truck driving is the industry of the future! Sign up to get your CDL today!

7) It's a little discouraging to see sites like Monster offering memberships. Isn't the whole point of a job site to help you get a job so that you don't need the service anymore?

8) Regarding job fairs: one is going to be held in New Orleans in July. They are urging you to dress in your finest suit or jacket. Repeat: in New Orleans. In JULY. Are we so pretentious as a society that we will adhere to outmoded dress codes even in a place where clothes should be optional for half the year?

9) At least one job engine offers only six-figure positions. I figure, why not give it a shot? It can't be any more daunting than the rest of these sites.

10) Some guy asked me on Aldaynet if a poor person ever gave me a job. I told him no and, in this economy, neither has a rich person. But thanks for playing.


The Goblin Slayer said...


Good luck with the job engines. I find that they are a good source to find out which companies may be hiring, however, most of those jobs have already been hoarded by headhunters looking for a cut. If I were you, I would personally contact media outlets and publishing houses, ect. and market yourself. Most companies find it refreshing when potential employees contact them to market their skill set. Keep in mind that the company whats to hear what you can do for them. There are even instances where you can create a position for yourself within a company once you find out what their shortcomings are. You want to be a writer. I am not sure what your ultimate assignment would be, however, all companies need good writers in their corporate communications departments. That's a good place to start and get yourself some exposure.

Just my .02

Ian McGibboney said...

Wow, Goblin. Is that really you?

The Goblin Slayer said...

Just because we don't agree politically doesn't mean I don't want you to succeed as a writer. I have had a lot of success getting jobs and positions through my own means, so why not share that info?

I'm a tad deeper than you probably thought, but that's OK.

Ian McGibboney said...

Well, I appreciate that. You ought to teach these cats a lesson in personal civility. They think it's funny that I'm having trouble finding a job.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the job hunting, Ian. Lord knows I've been trying for the past 2 months for a better paying one in Baton Rouge and have heard nothing in return from the countless resumes I've sent. The job market in this state is horrible, which is why I have been thinking heavily of going to my orginal plan. Albuquerque, here I come!

Ian McGibboney said...

Take me with you!

Politicians here always say that their number-one concern is keeping recent college graduates in the state. But really, their top priority is begging any business with capital and a pulse to set up shop here. And they'll achieve that end even if it means reducing pollution and tax standards to near zero. Which is why many new college grads don't want anything to do with this place. We need a tax base but we don't need pollution. And even if we put up with the state's aggressively pro-business climate, it still hasn't resulted in any tangible job numbers.

M said...

I seriously hope you aren't planning on staying in this hellhole...Get out! Let those of us stuck here live vicariously through you!