Tuesday, May 31, 2005

I still say he's Linda Lovelace

If my little graphic hasn't already spelled it out enough, Deep Throat exposed himself in the upcoming Vanity Fair. I had once read that his identity would be kept a secret until he died. But as my cohort Flamingo Jones pointed out, he probably wants to cash in on his infamy. To follow the money, as he might say.

So who is W. Mark Felt? At the time, he was the second in command at the FBI. Everyone involved, including Woodward and Bernstein, has corroborated his story. Apparently, this is no joke.

Still, discovering that Deep Throat was this guy is like finding out that Area 51 is a cactus farm. Oh well; there's always Bush's military records as the last Big Secret left in America.

If you're interested in Deep Throat the movie, here's your cheap thrill, freak.


Flamingo Jones said...

Happy Blogiversary dear EEEEEEEE-aaaan....Happy Blogiversary to yoooooooooooooooouu.

And many more!

Michael said...

Many happy returns of the blogoversary, Ian. I'm glad to have allies like you!

gambitch said...

Cheers matey!

Off-tangent, Zac's not updated in over a week on his regular address? You know what's going on?

The Manning Report said...

Way to go

Ian McGibboney said...

Thank you everyone. You make it happen.

Gambitch, Flamingo tells me that Zac's hard drive has fried, and he has to replace it. He'll be back soon.

iply said...

It does sorta ruin it, doesn't it? Have you ever seen the movie Dick? If not, it's Watergate, except they have 'Deep Throat' be two average teenage girls-- anyway, it's really funny.

Oh well.

Pigs are Awesomeness

oyster said...

Belated big ups from your admiring bivalve. Happy 1st year!!

Keep it up-- I know you will!