Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Dean of Scream

I've put it off long enough, so allow me to weigh in on the Howard Dean "scandal."

So the Republicans are mad that Howard Dean took potshots at them?
So the Republicans are indignant that Dean is being overly emotive?
So the Republicans laugh that Dean's going to cripple the Dems in 2008?


Maybe it's time the Democrats stop taking advice from the party most hellbent on destroying it!

Actually, scratch that...the Democrats should sincerely solicit as much advice as they can from the Republicans. That way, when they accuse Dean of being too passionate when just last year they were chastising John Kerry for being too stiff, the GOP will look more like the desperate jackasses they are.

Come on, Democrats. Do you really think people like Tom Alday would be in such an uproar over Dean if he posed no threat to GOP power? Is anyone really fooled into thinking that the GOP is truly interested in helping Democrats field the best candidate? Come on now! They're not offering criticism because they care about the party. They're doing it because they think know that the Dems are probably going to give the drop-Dean idea some merit.

The Democrats better not take this lying down. Nothing's a better gauge of Democratic success than neocon fury.


Murph said...

I'm not so sure I agree. I think it's less Dean's potency and more the GOP's unspoken rule to attack everything Dems do no matter what. Even if stiff Kerry were chair of the DNC, he'd get the same treatment. It also helps that Dean said some things that could be construed as "victimizing" Republicans, a position they really like to work from, despite being in power.

Ian McGibboney said...

Well, there's truth to that. But I see the attacking taking on a different form for Dean than with Kerry, as if there was more of a desperate edge attached to it.

As much as I despised the very existence of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, at least the character assassination there was issue-based. Virtually all criticism about Dean has centered around his tendency to yelp. Kind of a "nyah-nyah" thing.

So while Dean might not be the panacea for the Democratic Party, neither is it simply a matter of the GOP doing its duty.

Flamingo Jones said...

I must admit, I never jumped on the Deaniac bandwagon during the election.

I don't have a huge problem with his comments though. At least he's saying SOMETHING. Tact is overrated sometimes. The GOP already knows this.

Phillip said...

they criticized kerry for being limp and boring, then when another democrat shows passion about something they call him "crazy", and the media of course laps (funny i usually associate the media with "lapse") it up because they love to hate howard dean. rather, they love to hate whatever the rep. administration tells them to hate.

Mustang Bobby said...

If the Republicans think Dean is too mean, then where was their outrage when Newt Gingrich issued a talking point memo in 1998 that demanded no Republican mention the name of Clinton without using the word "criminal" in the same sentence.


Phillip said...

and didn't newt divorce his wife on nat'l tv or something like that?

Flamingo Jones said...

And now Newt and Hillary are like best buddies. That makes me nostalgic for the old days.

yournamehere said...

My only fear is that Dean will scare off the moderate voters needed to actually win an election. As I said before, Jon Stewart played video of "The Scream" more than Bill O'Reilly did.

I'm tired of taking the high road straight to Loserville. We need to fight dirty without people realising we're fighting dirty.

Nick said...

I like Dean. Certainly never a dull moment with him in the spotlight. Looney libs. are my favorite to watch.

Ian McGibboney said...
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Ian McGibboney said...

Well, hopefully you'll have plenty of time to watch the loony libs when they regain the White House in three years.

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Brookelina said...

I particularly liked when Cheney said that Dean was helping the GOP more than the Democrats. Dick, if that were really the case, you would really admit it? Come on.