Thursday, June 09, 2005

Cheney visit: look on the bright side

Trust me...that title is not mine!

This letter appeared in yesterday's issue of The Daily Advertiser. It brings to mind a comment I received yesterday on Aldaynet, from Lt. Eric of the 31st Keyboard Division:

"Times are tough, my friend; but that’s never a reason to give up. Think like a Conservative and your optimism will always give you the power to pull through."

He's talking about my difficulty finding a job in Louisiana, the paradise of the Republican no-conomy. Man, I bet his advice solves my problem tomorrow! Woo!

I guess it's easy to be optimistic these days when you're a conservative. This "can-do, can-screw" attitude seems to be catching, as seen in this letter referencing our lucky city's recent visit by oil baron Dick Cheney:

I read the Sharon Pangle Baker letter about the high cost to taxpayers for Vice President Cheney's visit to Lafayette. I agree whole heartily [sic]. That amount of money could have been used elsewhere. And we had to sweat in our cars while the traffic was backed up. Boy was I mad.

Were you mad that you were sitting in traffic or because you read the letter?

First, for that wasted money, I think we should make all elected officials stay in their office and never go anywhere. How dare they go out and visit their constituents. Are you kidding? Once elected they need to stay in their offices and save us a lot of money. No overseas trips either (think of the savings). They can do all their business by sitting in their offices and reading the local papers about what is going on with us common folk. There is no need to make direct contact with the people who voted for them. You must think of the savings.

This is where the sarcasm sets in--the depressing, conservative kind of sarcasm, where you think the person's actually making a valid point until you realize they're making a joke of it. Ha ha, etc. It is funny, though, to imagine Ah-nuld repeating the mantra, "Teenk ov da SA-vinks!"

Secondly, for the traffic jam, I didn't like to have to wait for anyone else. I think that along those lines we should not have to wait in traffic each time there is an event in the Cajundome or Cajun Field. Close those venues so we don't have to wait for anyone. And I don't want to wait for funerals, either. Most of the time I don't know those people. I should not have to wait!

I'd agree with his point if the Cajundome and Cajun Field were accessible only to those who had $2,000 to burn on a photo and a plate of food. And if the line to do so extended miles out of the way during peak traffic hours. Alas, those facilities are open to the rabble--er, public. So no.

Then finally, the sun came through the clouds. I thought, WOW this is a great event. The vice president of the United States is coming to see Lafayette.

I guess sitting in Lafayette traffic, surrounded by smoke-belching 1980s cars and 700-percent humidity, will do that to a man's sense of cause-and-effect.

- to speak to some of the people here about OUR concerns, about roads, about taxes, about social security, etc. What a great opportunity for us, now that I can see the bright side. What an honor for our city. [emphasis mine, of course]

Who's "OUR?" You're the guy stuck in traffic on your way to not see this guy!

Then I also realized that I had air conditioning in my truck, turned it on, and all is cool!

Phil Gremillion

I think this letter highlights exactly what's wrong with much of the electorate these days: they're presumably good people, making an honest day's living and doing their best to be optimistic. At the same time, they continue to con themselves into thinking things are better than they really are, and if they keep voting Republican then everything will fix itself! But then things get worse, and the only coping mechanism is more self-rationalization. For example, I'm tired of hearing people proclaim GOP support by lying to themselves that the job market is strong because "I have two jobs!" Forgetting that, in a better situation, they'd earn enough at one job not to need the other. But that's a small price to pay to be exploited by such an important man! Some people apparently feel honored to be common.

At what point does optimism become blissful ignorance?


Flamingo Jones said...

It's the American Dream. I maintain that people cast their votes based on the idea that they too will someday strike it rich, and when they do, they don't want any pesky death taxes, higher tax rates for the wealthy, or lack of swanky Cheney-fests they can buy their way into.

Of course, having religious leaders telling their followers that they must vote against their own self-interest or risk eternal damnation doesn't help either.

Phillip said...

republican methods: parse words and numbers, cherrypick, draw irrational conclusions to fit your agenda ("if gays are allowed to wed then people will marry animals"), think of your party before your country, convince yourself up is down, empathy is not really a word, and god is a dick.

want to live like a republican? vote democrat.

M said...

That man is delusional... the Louisiana heat must have fried his little cajun brain.

yournamehere said...

A few years ago I was an assistant manager at a retail store and we had a part-time employee who had three other jobs. She would always rush in, tired and disheveled looking. She was one of the nicest people I've met in this town, a genuine sweetheart of a person. But she insisted on believing that President Bush was doing a great job for the country. I guess having four jobs doesn't leave much time for reading the newspaper.
I haven't seen her since she decided three jobs was enough, but I'm sure if she didn't die of exhaustion she voted for Bush again. I don't understand.

dude said...

Maybe if you bitched less about your inability to find a job and actually went to look for one you'd have more luck.

Ian McGibboney said...

Dude, thanks for the suggestion! I'm so glad I have people like you to set me straight on that one.