Sunday, June 26, 2005

Caption Contest

"All-you-can-defeat" edition

--OBVIOUS: "Care for some crow, Mr. Bush?"
--The one time "eat" and "pussy" can be put together in a completely asexual sense
--The empty plate was a metaphor
--"When I see an exit strategy, you see some food on this plate!"
--The lunch lady bristled at Bush's call for pieces in Iraq
--"Buffets is where chicken wings take dream."
--Bush had to amble farther down the chow line for egg on his face
--Bush took too literally the soldier's taunts of "Ciao, Mr. President."
--Gearing up for Operation: Sneeze Shield
--"Blue trays? Ma'am, this is Red Country!"
--"I'll have the budget cutlet."
--"Wow! The chow sure has changed since I didn't go to Vietnam!"
--A credibility gap always existed between Bush and the troops
--Some suspected Bush was here only for the oil on his salad
--"Well? Aren't you gonna toss the pizza?"
--"Lieutenant Dan! Ice cream!"
--"Ah came in early to beat the insurgent lunch rush! Get it?"


Zachary said...

I don't know about you, ma'am, but I just love me some cream of sumyunguy. Sumyungguy named Jeff Gannon!

yournamehere said...

"I'll eat a huge lunch but I'll be stupid an hour later."

Michael said...

"sorry, Mr. pResident, we're out of red meat--but we still have plenty of chickenhawk."

Brookelina said...

You one of them orientals aren't ya.

MPH said...

Does your soul come with that?