Sunday, June 05, 2005

Caption Contest

X-rated "Deep Throat" edition

--OBVIOUS: "Watch me deep-throat this microphone!"
--W. Mark Felt did his best in "Jerry Maguire 2: All the Agent's Men," but his catchphrase "Follow the money!" didn't catch on
--After reading Bob Woodward's latest books, Felt wondered why HE was the one who insisted on anonymity
--A sad reminder that, at one time, the FBI got its intelligence right
--"I hold in my hand a list of all of Nixon's deleted expletives"
--Getting older and finding fewer and fewer movie roles, Alex Winter resorted to starring in "Deep Throat 3: Dick's Bogus Journey"
--"Pssst, CBS News? Here's one memo you WON'T get wrong!"
--In an attempt to boost ratings, CBS News hired the guy who named himself after a porn movie. Fox News rejected him, saying that they already filled their quota of whores
--"Hal Holbrook? Hal Holbrook?"
--The most important source of the most important news story of the 1970s has only ONE microphone on him? Yes, Watergate set journalistic standards for decades to come.


yournamehere said...

Now only one question remains: Will G. Gordon Liddy kill a 91-year-old man?

oyster said...

In response to your question, no, I did not star in Naked Gun. That was some other guy.

Flamingo Jones said...

"Until he gets caught....until he gets caught....How long does a United States President Serve?"

Unfortunately, Felt found out the hard way that Carnac the Magnificent impressions really only work with that funny turban.