Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The best years of our lives?

Saw the following post on some Free Republic board upon which I accidentally stumbled:

"This is a country founded in a covenant with God by people who had to flee Europe to do it....He has intervened in our affairs before, such as in 1776, 1861 and 1980."

And I would add 2000 to that list.

posted on 03/18/2004 4:37:18 AM PST by proud American in Canada

(Being that this comes from an Ann Coulter fetish thread, this is actually the least vomitrocious entry.)

That's the neocon lesson of the day, kids: God is not only an ugly American, but his all-time moments involve 1) the creation of our nation, 2) the Confederate rebellion and 3) the elections of the two least intellectual and most damaging presidents the United States has ever had. Even the most athiest progressives surely give the Big One more credit than that.

Sometimes I find myself wondering if I have it all wrong. This is not one of those times.


yournamehere said...

I'll bet that person has the dreaded George Bush in a prayer semi-circle with Abe Lincoln and George Washington bumper sticker.

Oh, probably not. Most likely mad at Lincoln for freeing the slaves.

Ian McGibboney said...

You know, I've created many, um, variations of that piece of "art." I should put them up sometime.

YatPundit said...

you, my friend, have a much stronger stomach than I if you can read Freeper excrement regularly...

Flamingo Jones said...

Interesting, considering every Christian theologian worth their salt would tell you that the Revolutionary was NOT biblically justified, in fact, and was pretty darn sinful decision, if you look at it from a Christian perspective.

And I'm pretty sure if you asked them about presidential elections, they'd laugh in your face.

Ian McGibboney said...

Yat, like I said, accident.