Thursday, May 12, 2005

Feeling city today

Which American Cities Best Fit You?

70%--Los Angeles
60%--Washington D.C.

I like this quiz, because I'm always interested in what cities describe people. It's no limited list either; a friend of mine, who isn't all that different from me in most ways, got five completely different cities. Plus, it's dead-on accurate for me.


Flamingo Jones said...

65% Chicago
60% Miami
60% Philadelphia
50% Austin
50% Las Vegas

Other than Chicago....I don't like ANY of my options. How'd you get Honolulu? Lucky bastard.

Ian McGibboney said...

I think it was the weather and/or the location I chose. Or perhaps it was my patented and impeccable sense of luck. Naah, probably the first thing.

Flamingo Jones said...

Oh, you smug "I don't need all four seasons" folks.

Damn my fascination with pretty-colored leaves and snow angels!

Ian McGibboney said...

There's a saying that Cajuns have four seasons: Not quite summer, almost summer, summer and still summer. So what, exactly, then, are "pretty-colored leaves?" Or "snow angels?" or "snow?"

Flamingo Jones said...

Well, actually, we have a similar saying here. We have Winter, and 3 months of tough sledding.

I'll trade you 6 pretty-colored leaves and 2 snow angels for one good "almost summer."

Nick said...

75% Austin
70% Denver
65% Portland
60% Las Vegas
60% Seattle

Go figure, basically all liberal areas. Of course, I could never live in a major city, at least not in the middle of it. My ideal place to eventually live, with work environment considered, is outskirts of Lafayette, or anything in south Louisiana, or outside of Kingwood or Humble, TX if I have to.

Denver, Seattle, Vagas, and Portland would never work. It gets too damn cold there. And, there's no place to fish in Austin.