Monday, May 23, 2005

Caption Contest

"Because I like doing them" edition

--"Through amber waves of white..."
--"'Scuse me, are you not a rich old white male in a suit? Then sit yourself in the balcony just lack the good old days"
--Hey, George, what is the average hair count of your audience?
--Bush's success story has inspired me so much that I want to get a good job so I can buy a house and not rent an, apartment.
--For $20,000, you too can teach Dubya how to clap, one hand at a time
--At least Reagan knew that a good actor never turns his back to the audience
--Few of the assembled Republicans noticed Rob Corddry secretly taking notes on his hand in the front row
--"The token black guy will be here in five minutes...he got pulled over on the way here"
--"Waitress? Five thousand tuna-and-mayo sandwiches on white!"
--In other news, Jesus Christ returned to Earth today during a Bush rally in South Carolina...this exclusive picture was taken two seconds before they all learned the truth.
--In an alternate universe, Bush hawked Ronco products on "Amazing Discoveries"
--Bush welcomes the 2005 Frivolous Law Suits convention
--"Can you believe the sissy French have the nerve to use the word 'blanc' for white? Why, that's almost 'black!'"
--"Psst, Dick, they're all supposed to salute like this, right?"
--"See that man in the fifth row with the blue suit? Yeah, the fifth row...take him out!"
--Photoshop is a wonderful thing...wait, really?


PusBoy said...

Attack of the Clones.

thehim said...

After two years and two months, President Bush finally attended a funeral for an Iraqi War casualty, at this service to commemorate the death of America's respect in the rest of the world.

Mjustin said...