Monday, May 16, 2005

Caption Contest

"Putting the 'bus' in Bush" edition

--Obvious: Now there's a homosexual marriage worth banning
--The kiss of death for peace
--Bush got carried away with the "seeing-his-soul-in-his-eyes" business
--Catching up on the latest gas-sip
--Is Bush kissing a pretty young woman or an old crone? It's an optical illusion!
--"So I see you also ate crow for lunch!"
--"George, you're my heroine for funding my poppy field! Get it?"
--It's not a French kiss; it's a freedom kiss!
--Time for the OPEC Smackdown title bout!
--Bush finds out why burkhas really are a bad idea
--"So you're Prince Bandar? Ah really love that 'Raspberry Beret' song!"
--"I recommend Clearasil for that pimple, George."
--"Psst! The buck! Pass it on!"
--Talk about kissing up to the Saudis!
--"Yes, I'll sell you oil. Now turn your head, cough and say 'ahh!'"
--Drugs, homosexuality, Muslims and peaceful gestures: it's every nightmare Bush ever had, rolled into one picture


Flamingo Jones said...

President Bush greeted the prince with a sweet OPEC on the cheek.

Phillip said...

"oh george, let's never fight again. i brought the ky."

PusBoy said...

"I have a quarter in my pocket for you."

Ruben said...

You know if you look at Bush's face close enough you can almost see the three sixes.

Evil Petting Zoo said...

I did not have sex with that Arab.

What's a hanging chad?

The Manning Report said...

So thats where those damn weapons of mass destruction are. Why didn't you tell me they were behind your ear.

thehim said...

You're almost there, George-san, you've got control over the oil industry, the press fears you, and you're instilling a fundamentalist religious fervor among the poor. Now all you need is a cool goatee that makes you like 40 years younger.

Ian McGibboney said...

Kudos to everyone! This has been a great thread for captions. You all win! Just like elementary-school T-ball, as I painfully figured out years later.

TRES CEE said...

I believe that every high school student should be required to learn persuasive writing and the methods used to defame men and their honor and integrity by casting doubt on mens honesty, as used by the Media Broadcasters today, and also to teach the methods by which the communists began Controlling Russia in the 1916 era.

This is when the art of lying truly blossomed in the world and when Millions of men began to be enslaved because of the Well Told Lie.

Study them, look at the Evening News and you see it perfected in todays news casts with out the KGB, the Secret Police of Russia Taking Men and Women off to Siberia for Years of slavery when they were so called Enemies of their State USSR, and begin to Understand how to understand the truth, by just disbelieving the Lies of Media Broadcasts.

Because they have you have the privilege of profiting and having self gratification in saying Complaints against George Bush, and are never required to investigate, find the truth or justify your words.

Regional Economy Interests of the North East U.S. Who care less about Our Men or their Sacrifices and Only Care for Enriching Themselves have no such incentive to talk positively as their object is to get George Bush out by Lies, via Casting Doubt on him and his honor, as is partially proven by Dan Rather's Exit, hastily, much before he desired and trying to repair a tarnished reputation damaged beyond repair by fabricated reports on George Bush.
Truth is not presently broadcast as news as the News by the Media.

You may be unaware that Muslims Own Stock and some also are in high executive positions in Media Corporations and Media
Holding Corporations.

There are Limitations on broadcasting the truth because of profit motives of corporate holding corporations of Media

Note the recent Conviction of Sandy Burger the Clinton CIA Department Chief.

He was charged with Shredding Documents belonging to National archives.

During the Investigation of the 911 Terrorism Incidents and Bushes Decision to Go to war in Iraq, this occurred.

This was a document which probably did Back Up Bush's Decision to go to war in Iraq, but Source Info Could not be revealed
Publicly as it remained Classified.

Apparently He could have used it to Defend himself if it could be published, but since he did not have it declassified, it
could not be used as it was still sensitive, that means someone's life could have been endangered or their usefullness
would be ended.

This document was hidden from someone's view obviously, as Sandy Burger said he destroyed it by accident and that he did
not explain sufficiently to avoid prosecution for taking the same document three times, from the National Archives, so he
is liable to be sentenced and must serve sentence for his crime.

Our President, George Bush came in office and very soon afterward had 911 to deal with.

Men interested only in their regional economy and not the well being of our soldiers accused Bush I believe falsely and
led others to do the same.

When I was young, friends of mine would often say, you don't believe the News, their Parents obviously did not, as their
children said the samethings they did.

Why did they say these things, they were informed and were able to observe, discern the truth, and decide for themselves
the truth contained in News Reports.

What gives them the confidence that they are right, they are or must have been educated and able to observe the way broadcasters used words and methods of argumentation, indicating error in their words and the method of casting doubt on the truth or honesty of men, they are required not to liable, but are required always to have evidence that the things they say are true.

But there is no law against casting doubt on the honor and integrity of a mans name and his desire and the truth about his character.

The truth is that the same methods of casting doubt on the integrity of men and their honor and impuning it, was used by Communists in the early Nineteen Hundreds to begin, consumate and finally consume all of South East Asia in Communism beginning with Soviet Russia, and Eastern Europe.

Men solely interested in regional economies in the U.S. have begun to use the Method of Impune and Cast Doubt on Bush's Integrity as they did to Reagan, and this over the interests of our fighting men and Because they wish to Excel in Controlling The Use and Direction of Taxes and which Region Controls their Use.

Al queda's Attack on the U.S. effected Our Economy in Devastation by Severe Decrease in Tourism, the Paralyzation of our Transportation in the Air, by the Fear of Public's safety in the Air and Safety of our Mail.

We have been attacked not only by few men. But the worst effect has been the use of this by our Own Citizens and our Own Congress and Our Own Media Broadcast System, whose Freedoms are guaranteed for the Protection of our Freedoms.

Our Country's Leaders sorely needed our support and prayers as they lead our nation to success rather then us looking at
self gratification and regional economic issues over the success of our men in this war.

Psychological Advantage given to the Enemy of the U.S. by Our Media and Our Congressional Delegations for Regional Profit,
have given tremendous support to the enemy.

They are assured of success as the Citizen is exploited by the Most Holy Media and North Eastern Mega Corporations and

Most High and Holy Banks and Financial Institutions supporting Media Broadcasts against George Bush, I say Most Holy with
Tongue in Cheek.

Men who know the truth and have actually sacrificed their own limbs and lives on the battlefield.

Ian McGibboney said...

Tres Cee, I had read that about three times before it made even a bit of sense to me. Lessons in grammar, spelling and cutting out redundancy would go a long way towards making you point clearer.

But I think I see what you're trying to say: that I hate the troops and am undermining the rest of the world by addressing the Bush-Saudi connection. You know, if I possessed anywhere near the potential to mess up world affairs that you charge me as having, I suppose I'd have a lot for which to answer.

I agree that the media is tainting the tide of public opinion in this country. But not for the reasons you suggest. The media is by and large a corporate shill for the White House these days; if anything, it needs to expose Bush MORE. It's fatuous to assume that the reason Bush's wars are failing is because some segments of the media have the tenacity to report the ugly truth.

On a different note, I suggest that someone from Kensington, Cornwall should learn more about the geography of the United States before accusing a Louisianian of caring only about the economy of the northeast United States. I am interesting in nothing more than speaking truth to power and the public, and relentlessly holding up the feet of this dangerous and backwards administration to the proverbial fire. My interest lies not with protecting the pockets of New Englanders, but in exposing international corruption and creating a less-volatile world climate. A sitaution where anyone in the world who cares about human rights and dignity wins.