Saturday, April 02, 2005


What a crazy Week in God it's been! First Terri Schiavo dies and then Pope John Paul II follows her two days later. That's gotta be a sign, but of what?

1) The miracle of life?
2) God warning us not to screw with his divine plan for brain-dead patients and old men who die of natural causes?
3) That the Christian right is the light and the way?
4) That 1997 retro is already upon us?
5) That America is not chasing terrorism with enough fervor?
6) America using too many condoms?
7) Or could it be that this is an entirely random series of events that, whether divinely guided or otherwise, only reinforces the long-held wisdom that life is fragile and unpredictable no matter who we are or what we do?

I say we celebrate life while we still have it. Isn't that what remembering the departed is all about?


Flamingo Jones said...

I stll have the sneaking suspicion that CNN is somehow involved in all of this...

The Manning Report said...

dont forget that johnny cochran died too

Diana said...

remembering the dead is all about how much money they did or didn't give to you.

Joe said...

I glad you mentioned that, Diana. In his will, did the pope mention me? I mean, we weren't tight or anything, but still...