Thursday, March 31, 2005

favorite links

As you can see, i've revised the template (with ian's help) to better reflect that which i believe. for your convenience, i have highlighted some of my favorite blogs here. it's good to know that in a sea of the liberal MSM and the ultra-lefty net, there are a few decent blogs out there. conservatives do not deserve to toil away in obscurity; they deserve all the brraging they can get!

aldaynet ( --hands down, my favorite blog on the entire internet. tom alday is a brilliant blogger and one of the internet's finest intellectuals. i understand that he got a ton of abuse by ian and some of his commie pals. that only shows further the depths to which those loonies will go to discredit such a good man. when you don't have the turth on your side, all you have left is anger. nowhere else on the net are you going to see that so clearer than on aldaynet.

antiprotester ( --this group of raucous bloggers knows just where to stick it to those liberal cretins! this gang of scholars uses the wonderful gift of freedom of speech to defend conservatives' rights to silence liberals in their incorrect views. they know better than anyone that if people are wrong, they should not be allowed to speak (nor should they be treated with any modicum of respect).

off-the-cuff, off-the-record, off-the-wall ( —The former head of the College Republicans at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, Flamingo Jones led the Wisconsin delegation for the Bush-Cheney team in 2004. she is a cynical type, the one you don't bring home to mom and pop. and i definitely understand that, because being a conservative republican in wisconsin will cause anyone to fall apart at the seams.

zac attack ( —Zac (real name: Zack) is a blogger from Pennsylvania who offers remarkable commentary on the major events of the day. Most recently, he worked vigorously for the Senate reelection campaign of Rick Santorum (R-Penn.). i admire zac for this bold stand; in these end times, we need courageous folk like sen. santorum in congress to uphold our constitutional freedoms. gays want special rights and we can't allow them to enjoy what the rest of us enjoy. more than anyone, zac sees the injustice that gays face on a daily basis, and why we should continue that proud tradition.

tomorrow, more on the tragic terri schiavo death, the pope's feeding tube and why God is an awesome god! and why liberals suck.


The Incorrigible Mr. Alday said...

Favoritest website on the interweb evar!!!?!?!!? OMG OMG OMG

Do you really like my blog?, check one
___ yes ___ no

PusBoy said...

April Fool's to you, too, Ian.

Flamingo Jones said...

ha ha! Alday made a funny!

sociable_solipsist said...

I SOOOO called this out.

Just wanted to reiterate.

Ian McGibboney said...

Huh? You do realize that Jacob is very stupid, right?

Zachary said...

Pusboy, this isn't April Fools. I really do love Sen. Santorum.


PusBoy said...

You did call it, s_s. I should have known after Ian's pranks on Strong and Right.

Flamingo Jones said...

Whatever Zac. You may however love the OTHER santorum.

PusBoy said...

I think we ALL love the other santorum, FJ.