Sunday, April 24, 2005

Caption Contest

"How pathmetic!" edition

From one of my first-ever posts comes this gem!

--Original caption: "Nothing is lamer than a protest by the religious right. Except, perhaps, a guy who misspells 'arithmetic' on a sign about education."

--Teach them also sentence structure, comma usage and proper spacing
--Why do I get the feeling this guy can't read his own sign?
--His teacher crossed his arms and thought, "No wonder he's been in third grade long enough to grow a mustache."
--Reading, Writing, Arithetic: the "3 Rs" of GOP education
--For all we know, he could be a racist who misspelled "Grambling"
--A look at George W. Bush's cue cards explains a lot
--No Child Left Behind! Adults, on the other hand...
--Taking a cue from the guy behind him, this guy aims to screw gambling sideways
--He obviously never read Gambling Wizards: Conversations with the World's Greatest Gamblers by Richard W. Munchkin
--I think most children KNOW that reading, writing and arithmetic are not gambling. Duh!
--This may be nitpicking...but doesn't gambling involve lots of reading, writing and arithmetic?
--Things got lively at the annual "Gambling is Evil" church bingo
--He doesn't gamble with his future! He invests in the stock market like all good Americans
--But what about those high-schoolers who enjoy their Gambling II class?
--Does anyone else think that the "T" in "writing" looks like a cross?


Flamingo Jones said...

Huh. I once played cards for cash in AP Calculus class when our teacher was sick. And I turned out all right. Sort of.

The Manning Report said...

thats amazing. arithetic. lol.

M said...

This man is living, breathing evidence for why we need to teach our children reading, writing, and arithmetic.

MPH said...

Doy! Doy! Doy! Dubya! Dubya! Dubya!

Cheech said...

I can't wait to sign up for Videopoker 102 next semester.

Mustang Bobby said...

The inspiration for the term "dumb as a barrel of hair."

PusBoy said...

Is he protesting the Bush Social Security plan?