Sunday, April 17, 2005

Caption Contest

"Bump this sticker" edition

--Back from what?
--Because of a printing error, "from the" was missing from the middle
--It's small so it won't interfere with your 58 pro-life stickers
--Let's take America the wonderful Crusades!
--No, we won't let you!
--This sticker perfectly complements any southern license plate
--Best read with a South African accent, a la "Lethal Weapon 2"
--I'm all for that! The American Indians have been exploited for far too long by the white man and...oh wait...huh?
--"And the LORD sayeth: America is the Promised Land. All that stuff I said about Israel? That beith a misprint. And so is the Constitution." (1 Corinthians 1:17)
--Is it me, or does the CC symbol look vaguely Satanic?
--Mission Accomplished!
--But what if the Muslims and atheists in charge don't want to give it back? What do you mean, that makes no fucking sense at all? Stop laughing!


Michael said...

Just add two words before the last two words, and it's perfect. "Take America back FROM THE "Christian" Coalition!

donzelion said...

The Christian Coalition:

Taking America Back - to the Middle Ages

PusBoy said...

Take America Back . . . to Wal-Mart! But only if you have the receipt.

This America isn't churchy enough. We needed an XXL.

Nick said...
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Nick said...

Since I quit blogging, my free publicity for people in Acadiana to read my thoughts:

Ian McGibboney said...
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Ian McGibboney said...

Ah, a Nick Bouterie letter! I'd know it even if you hadn't signed it:

1) ACLU-bashing? Check!
2) NAMBLA references? Check!
3) Claiming to speak for an entire group of people? Check!
4) Charlie Daniels quotes? Check!

It's good to have a distinct style.

Joe said...

Hey dude, some asshole put a Christian Coalition sticker on your car. I thought you'd want to know...

thehim said...

We almost had a Jewish Vice President in 2000. That's too close for comfort.

Ragin Cajun said...

Let's see...

Bush is President.

Ratzinger is Pope.

"Mission Accomplished" sounds about right.

Ian McGibboney said...

That's right, RC! That means that all of the shit happening in the world right now is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. Your side must take credit for it, and must take the blame for it. No excuses anymore. And frankly, you can have it all. Because we'd rather be sore losers than sore WINNERS.

Nick said...

And Icon cares who the new pope is because.....???

Ian McGibboney said...

Because I pay attention anytime a major leader of the world ascends into power whose views are a threat to those who value freedom and dissent.

That said, however, I do not align myself with the Catholic Church because its most vocal practitioners today insist on judging everyone else (including other Catholics) with such vindictive furor. Ratzinger's appointment is a validation of that Inquisition mentality.

Nick said...

I just find it odd that you, being agnostic, would really care who gets appointed pope. That's like me caring who gets appointed head of the Buddist religion. As long as the leader doesn't advocate murdering anyone who is not part of that religion, such as the crusades or current radical Islam, then I don't care. Why should I?

Also, why get upset over the appointment of Ratzinger? You're not Catholic, and those who are can do what they want with what he says. Pope John Paul II said that birth control was immoral. I disagree. Big deal, I still choose to be a practicing Catholic. I still have a choice. The pope doesn't force me or anyone else to live a certain way.