Sunday, April 10, 2005

Caption Contest

Innovative "my computer is still malfunctioning" edition

--An exclusive look from behind the wool covering America's eyes
--The latest paparazzi pic inside the Clintons' bedroom was a major disappointment
--Paris Hilton's latest amateur video, "Once you go black, you never go back"
--Inside the abyss of Dubya's head
--Inside the abyss of Dick Cheney's heart
--A screen capture from the new Pope-cam
--A look inside Dick Cheney's swimming pool
--The last sight the bowling pins saw on their way down (just cleansing the caption palate)
--How our cities would look at night without that dastardly Big Government
--If our current foreign policy was a light bulb...
--The Pittsburgh sky at noon, back in the great days of unfettered capitalism
--Between fetuses and the brain-dead, there's a gap in the GOP concern for life
--David Duke's worst nightmare


Flamingo Jones said...

How about "Inside the abyss of Peter Jennings' lungs" ?

oyster said...

Okay, after that, I figure the door to seriously wrong humor is now open. Go and click the first "Choose Your Own Adventure" parody link.

MPH said...

My love life.

PusBoy said...

Windows XP Service Pack 4 successfully eliminates all of your computer's functions! Time to upgrade!