Monday, April 04, 2005

Caption Capsule

First-ever rerun edition

I originally posted this as the fourth of four caption pics on the first (and only) quadruple-caption pic day on 10/24/2004. I am rerunning it for three reasons: 1) it is a classic; 2) perhaps because of caption overdose that day, it received zero comments; and 3) Hello has not worked in a week (all photos and banners posted in the last week have been courtesy of the indispensably great Flamingo Jones).

--In one ear, out the other
--"Responsibility...R-E-S-P-O-N-S-E...uh, A-B...what do you mean, I'm eliminated?"
--"Give me four more years, and I'll put corporate responsibility behind me!"
--Bush didn't do well on the guess-the-background part of "Whose Line is it Anyway?"
--Corporate responsibility, much like its backdrop, fades around Bush
--Responsibility was a very heavy burden on Bush's shoulder
--The devil sitting on his other shoulder whispered, "Blame the FBI!"
--Bush's social-studies-fair project took last place
--That debate preparation sure was a bitch
--Bush's nightmare also featured the words "President Kerry"

And new captions for 4/4/05!

--Tonight on the Twilight Zone: the Night the TelePrompTer was Backwards
--"Dammit! Responsibility again?"
--"What do you mean, have I read 'The Telltale Heart'?"
--"I do not take responsibility for this backdrop...It was the idea of the soldiers on the aircraft carrier"
--Responsibility was biding its time to bite Bush on the ass
--Bush introduces the first slide of his Power Point presentation, "Stuff I Hate"
--Bush was surprised to see that, in sign language, his speech translated entirely into the wanking motion


MagicalShrimp said...

That picture is so ironic...nice captions.

Flamingo Jones said...

the "Stuff I Hate" caption is perfect. I can't think of anything funnier than that one.

Phillip said...

quite the clever scamp, billy madison stumps the president by selecting a question from the topic "corporate responsibility".