Wednesday, March 30, 2005

my first column

as you all know, ian is a columnist. and a liberal one at that. his latest work can be seen at more than words (, where he still posts for the next few weeks. with this blog, i am finally able to write columns of my own! i think it'll be a lot of fun AND it will put Ian in his palce for once. God knows the conservative guy in that paper doesn't do that good of a job. so anyhoo, here's my first column for Right About Everything:

Terri: Death Support?

Terri Schiavo. The name's been on everyone's lips for weeks now. It appears some idiots, including her husband Michael, want her to die. I can't think of anything worse than that. The question I wish to pose is, why does everybody on the left want her to die?

Terri Schiavo was a very pretty young woman. She was very much alive when she suffered the heart attack in 1990 that stopped her brain function. Since then, she is still alive, though in a vegetative state. Her husband Michael has wanted her to die almost from the first moment doctors discovered that most of her brain was no longer alive. How dare he?

Despite everything the courts have said over the years, and despite all of the current legal brouhaha that has people in a tizzy, I cannot side with anyone other than Terri's parents, who want her to remain alive. They say she is a living, breathing human being, a point with which I cannot argue. Anyone who has seen the videos where Terri responds to her mom, follows a balloon, listens to her favorite jazz music and hugs her mom can see that Terri is in no way invalid. She certainly does not deserve the tragic fate which Michael has forced upon her.

Ask any of the numerous nurses and health-care practitioners who assisted Michael over the years in Terri's care. One even said he was "a pain in the ass" with his demands. If he really cared, then he wouldn't have interfered so much in the day-to-day workings of her personal maintenance.

In his own way, Michael is a very Machiavellian character. It is clear that he orchestrated the whole event to his advantage every step of the way: when she first had her heart attack and subsequent chemical imbalance, he chose to keep her alive. Fifteen years later, he now wants her dead! Can it be any clearer that he just wants the national attention and glory that has been bestowed upon him? Talk about an attention whore. If he had any integrity within him, he would have made a decision at the very onset of the accident and stuck with it! Good Americans (not to mention servants of God) do not waffle in their choices. Swerving is not a virtue!

As for him and the medical experts who argue that Terri's brain has shrunk more than 90% and is thus useless, I counter with Einstein's assertion that we only use 11% of our brains. So the way I see it, Terri's only lost one percent of her brain function! And for this we want to remove her gastrointestinal feeding tube? What kind of "culture of life" are we, anyway?

More than anything, the tragic Terri Schiavo case has shown that, no matter what the law says, we must never lose our appreciation for the value of life. Any life, be it alert, comatose or otherwise trapped in a silenced body. And if liberals and people like Michael Schiavo can't understand that, then they deserve the same fate. God said all life was equal; if we let one die, then everyone eventually will die!


Flamingo Jones said...

Wow...not even the resident right-wing nutjobs have anything to say to you. Apparently the McGibboney-Mouseketeers are a pretty loyal crowd.

gambitch said...

They are, also, possibly a little peeved by the fact that a mountainload of links pointing to opinions by 'the other side' have been wiped out. There is no debate if there is one side, and at least the original McG bothered to leave both sets of links available.

Banter? What banter?

The Manning Report said...

the blog has surely taken an hit in the content department.