Wednesday, March 30, 2005


jacob here. just wanted to let all of you know that I am the new voice of this blog. as you might have guessed, i am ian mcgibboney's cousin. im 26 and i graduated from texas christian univeristy with a degree in political science. i've studied lots about politics more so than the average blogger. this is my first foray into bloggimg so bear with me while i fix things here. until i figure out the format, that is, then i'll transfer the good stuff to my own domain name. right now there doesnt seem to be much good stuff as ian is apparently a complete idiot. i always knew he was a little off but i had no idea until i stumbled upon his blog. of course, it's a friendly rivalry we debate all the time. he is, in my view, a stellar writer but a little misguided when it comes to politics. but now that i have occupied his blog, i can speak for america about the issues that are most important--Abortion, Guns, Taxes, Prisons and the Bible. i know a lot of you readers are avid republicans and Conservatives so you should continue to fit in right here. one caveat, however: if you try to debate me, rest assured that i will probably win. not only have i studied more political systems and philosophers than you have, but i am also right. and it's hard to beat the truth. still, i encourage all of you to give it the old college try. that's what blogging is all about. talk to you again soon,


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oyster said...

Hi jacob. Your horned frog feet have some sizable shoes to fill. Good luck!