Saturday, March 19, 2005

GOP quote of the year (ANY year)

Found this via Daily Rotten

An unnamed (wonder why?) Bush administration senior official on the situation in Lebanon:

"There is no place for an armed militia in a democratic society."

You know, there are so many routes I could take with that one. It's like a "Choose Your Own Adventure" post!

If you ask this official if they think the National Guard should cease to exist, turn to page 3.

If you want to inquire as to why senior Bush officials are now directly contradicting the Second Amendment, turn to page 8.

If you marvel at a government official outright declaring that the United States is not a democracy, instead of merely implying it just like the past four years, turn to page 7.

If the Republican Party strikes you as relentlessly hypocritical in foreign affairs, turn to page 13.

If you assume that Bush and Co. will immediately distance themselves from this assertion, going so far as to overcompensate by endorsing Hezbollah's presence in Lebanon as a "fundamental right," turn to page 24.

If you're confident that rednecks everywhere will lay down their weapons in solidarity with their leaders' views on militias, put down this book and get help.

No matter which way you choose, explorers, keep in mind that eventually you will hit THE END.

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Phillip said...

shouldn't there be an "all of the above" choice?

unnamed bush administration officials... are there any other kind? thank god for national sunshine week.