Sunday, March 13, 2005

Caption Contest

"Dirty Rice" edition

--Presenting the 2005 Spring Fascist Show
--Condi models the revitalized Chairman Mao look
--"I do my little turn on the catwalk...on the catwalk, yeah..."
--"Four more years...ah ha ha ha ha..."
--"You don't want to go to Iraq? Talk to the hand!"
--Republicans always stand out in a field of camouflage
--"They're not here for you, Condi...Weird Al Yankovic's on the plane!"
--You've heard of jackboots? These are JILL-boots!
--The crowd cheered on cue, as per Executive Order 27937
--"Only four more years! Only four more years!"
--Amid the deafening roar, Condi had to sign her going price
--Minutemen, meet Minute Rice
--Has you ever seen Condi and Michael Jackson in the same room?
--"This is my military experience, give or take four years"
--The soldiers cheered Condi's announcement of her 2008 candidacy
--This marks the closest any top member of Team Bush has been to actual combat


MPH said...

Sucky, sucky. Me love you long time.

Mustang Bobby said...

This jaunty little outfit also comes with a riding crop and a beret when you just know you have to channel Otto Preminger.

Flamingo Jones said...

"The Matrix is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth."

The Goblin Slayer said...

At least she looks better in boots than Madeline Albright. Imagine that sight.

BTW, Ian, Rummy served in the Navy as a pilot from '54 - '57. Unfortunately, we weren't killing any commies at the time. I sure don't want your reader misinformed by your sickening bias.


MagicalShrimp said...

Yeah, Goblin, it's too bad there have been points in history when people *weren't* killing each other in wars. Isn't that a shame.

PusBoy said...

"Meine Herren Offiziere, wir stehen in einem Kampf auf Leben und auf Tod! Wenn in diesem Kampf unsere Gegner siegen, würde das deutsche Volk ausgerottet werden! Der Bolschewismus würde Millionen und Millionen und Millionen unserer Intellektuellen abschlachten! Was nicht durch Genickschuß stürbe, würde abtransportiert! Die Kinder höherer Schichten würden wegkommem und beseitigt werden!"

And yes, I realize that I lose the debate.

Semidi said...

Someone should tell Condosleeza that no matter how much she dresses like Trinity, Keanu Reeves will never, ever, want her as his chocolate love toy.

Michael said...

PB--Maybe technically. But if you hadn't outed yourself, I doubt that any of the fundagelical wingnuts would've known that was a quote from ol' Schicklgruber.

Ian McGibboney said...
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Ian McGibboney said...

I got this translation off this site:

"My dear generals, we are fighting a battle of life and death. If our enemies are victorious in this struggle, the German people will be extirpated. The Bolsheviks will butcher millions upon millions of our intellectuals. Those who escape the bullet in the back of the neck will be deported. The children of the upper classes will be taken away and got rid of."

If you're scratching your head at the word "extirpated," well, so am I. But its use on this site is to nitpick over the meaning of the German word for "exterminate." This guy is trying to prove that that's not what it meant. Bastard.

And yes, PusBoy, you lost the debate. Because Nazis are monsters and the Bush administration

Phillip said...

bush et. al. are completely fascist. (watch how many people say "they are NOT nazis!")

Michael said...

"Extirpate" is actually better than "exterminate" for ausrotten in German, since the root meaning (pun semi-intended) of the verb is to dig something out by the roots--the same with extirpate in English (from the OED):

"[f. L. ex(s)tirpāt- ppl. stem of ex(s)tirpāre, f. ex- (see EX- prefix1) + stirp-s stem or stock of a tree. Cf. EXTIRP v.]

†1. trans. To clear of stumps. In quot. fig. Obs.

2. To pull or pluck up by the roots; to root up, destroy, or remove root and branch (a tree, plant).

†b. transf.

c. esp. in Surg. To root out, remove (anything spoken of as having roots).

3. To root out, exterminate, or totally destroy (a class, sect, or nation); to kill off, and render extinct (a species of animals or plants). Const. out of, from."