Monday, March 07, 2005

Caption Contest

"Born on third base" edition

Bush accepts a Boston Red Sox Jersey from pitcher Curt Schilling (AP/WWP) Posted by Hello

--MENSA went out of its way to sugarcoat Bush's test results
--"Does this make me a Massachusetts liberal?"
--There was no Green about Boston's latest Monster
--Bush, the Boston Wrangler
--"No, Mr. President, you did not hit a triple"
--"I had it first, Curt!"
--"I love a good game of tug of war! A-hyuk!"
--Now that's Bush league!
--"Pitchin' is tough bidness, ain't it Curt? Mahsef, ah'm havin' trouble pitchin' Social Security reform!"
--Schilling, knowing Bush's history with uniforms, elected to take back the jersey
--Bush for batboy in 2008!
--The Buckner stops here
--What is it with Red Sox fans and curses?


Mustang Bobby said...

Bush 43 - America 0

Ian McGibboney said...

Mustang Bobby, you might just win by default. That caption's so cool I wish I'd thought if it first. Damn...

MPH said...

Did you know that was the percentage of voters who conviently got lost this election before voting?

All right that sucked.

RightMakesRight said...

"The 43rd president gets a jersey with 43 on it"

Sorry, This picture doesn't really have comic potential except maybe

"Clinton's vote percentage in 1992"

(well, close anyway)

Ian McGibboney said...

RMR, I will concede that it was difficult to come up with comical captions for this photo. That's why I only came up with 13. My mind is dulling under the Bush administration's penchant for writing its own jokes.

By the way, that Clinton vote percentage is what is called a "plurality." It means he got more votes than anyone else running. Bush didn't get that in 2000, and he barely got it in 2004 (not counting any of the hijinks to which MPH was referring).

Mustang Bobby said...

Isn't it interesting that when the right-wingers can't think of anything clever to come back with they resort to Clinton-bashing. That's the pathology of bullies. And then they accuse us of being petty, childish and snarky. Irony is lost on these people.