Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Caption Contest

The "Yes, I'm finally back" edition

Caveat: the background pic might be photoshopped. Still, that's unmistakably Bush holding a video camera, and the possibility of him preening in front of a Fox News banner is not all that remote....

--Bush can go Fox himself!
--With Jeff Gannon outed, Bush dropped the charade and became his own reporter
--"Um...big E...D...E...F...P...O...T...E...C..."
--The only safe way to view the total eclipse of the economy
--"When you said we were going to shoot protesters, I thought you meant..."
--Where Bush gets his distorted view of reality
--When Schwartz triple-dog dared Bush to stick his eye on the camera, it was all over
--[Note location of right hand] Whaddaya know...Bush really does have the press by the balls!
--"Watch me balance this camera all nice and fair"
--Presenting the latest theory on who really took those Jeff Gannon pictures!
--"Why is everything rose-colored in this viewfinder?"
--Bush was denied a panoramic camera due to his inability to see the big picture
--"So this is a Camaro!"


Mustang Bobby said...

"Romper domper stomper doo..."

thehim said...

When Bush told Vladimir Putin he needed to exert less control over the Russian media, Putin pulled out this picture and laughed out loud...

PusBoy said...

I can't hear nothin' in this dang iPod!