Thursday, February 03, 2005

Return to Sender

Whether it's parties, festivals, food, music, culture, friendliness or inane letters/editorials, South Louisiana can't be beat!

Marriage exists when two people of the opposite sex have a public commitment to live together with an exclusive sexual relationship (Gay Marriage). If your relationship doesn’t require you to accommodate yourself to a member of the opposite sex, it's not a marriage and doesn’t deserve to be called such. Living with another member of the same sex is just too easy. It also sounds very boring. Calling such “a marriage” will not make it a marriage any more than calling me “gumbo filĂ©” will make me fit into a 2-ounce jar.

David Hays
Grand Coteau

That one's from the Feb. 2 Times of Acadiana, whose letters page is generally a choking hazard if read while eating. And, of course, where would a post such as this be without a Vermilion reference? This week's guest editorial comes to us courtesy of Student Government Association (SGA) President Katie Ortego and Vice President Trumaine Thomas. They had choice seats to the Bush inauguration, so you can just about guess where they stand on the spectrum:

[T]hese are real people who run a business affecting real lives both directly and indirectly. These men and women sacrifice their personal lives to become public servants, and we gained more respect for this.

(sappy snippage)

The Capitol was adorned with the different American flags that have been used since the birth of our nation. Red, white, and blue banners hung perfectly from balconies. It was simply beautiful, and it stirred an uprising of patriotism within our hearts that will never settle again. The beauty of our democratic society was working according to plan with George W. Bush being sworn in as our President at this 55th Inauguration. Though some may say our nation is still divided over the election, we felt that the United States was proving its strength and wisdom once again by hosting a civil election process followed up by the peaceful instillation
[sic] of authority.

You know, there was once a time on this blog (and in general) where I felt I had to offer my own commentary on passages such as these; more and more, however, they speak for themselves. Guess I'll have to find a new and more useful way of wasting time.

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MagicalShrimp said...

"Living with another member of the same sex is just too easy. It also sounds very boring."
Umm, only if you're not sexually attracted to the other person, Einstein! Although I'm sure he daydreams about female roommates and seltzer fights...
Also, why is living with your gay partner 'too easy?' What about living with your straight partner? Isn't that 'too easy' too? It's financially easy because my boyfriend and I only have to each pay half the rent (ooh, livin' in sin!)...some of us don't have the time or the money to organize a big elaborate wedding right now.