Friday, February 25, 2005

Nine hours on a bus...oh my!

Hi everybody! Just wanted to let all of you know that I am leaving tomorrow morning for a trip to Arkansas with the UL track team. I'm not sure they have the Internet in Arkansas, so I might not be able to check in for a few days. According to my trip itinerary, we should be back by 2 a.m. on Tuesday. Just in time for morning classes! So will someone please pick up my mail and newspapers? Thanks.

And while I'm thinking about it, a parting shot: Hotmail must die. In recent weeks, Hotmail has caused me to miss more than one journalistic deadline, despite filing as much as an hour in advance. Half the time, they seem to be completely offline. And with a click of the mouse, my entire account (two megs' worth of messages dating back to 2000) appears to have vanished. This particularly pisses me off because I just received a kickass letter from a fan of my column and I wanted to print it for posterity. And now it's gone for good! What the hell?

So anyway, feel free to peruse some the quality content below in my absence. And try not to steal anything in the meantime. You'll be disappointed.


Mustang Bobby said...

Ian: Hotmail is "upgrading." New Hotmail accounts will not be available through Outlook or Outlook Express, but old ones will be grandfathered into those programs. Of course for a small fee you can get Outlook Live, which will do everything with your Hotmail account except wash the cat. My Hotmail account was down for about 24 hours but it is back now - loaded with ads in Czech for lonely women and herbal viagra.

Michael said...

Ian, if it's back up and running when you get back from running (or whatevering), check your Hotmail account. I sent you a GMail invite.

PusBoy said...

Ian, I can set you up with a webmail account on, if you're interested. Or, if you want to register your own domain, you can park it on my host and then I can set you up a webmail account there.

If you'd like.

Phillip said...

ian, i lived in little rock for a year. bring vaccine for hepatitis c.

Anonymous said...

are you so stupid as not to vote for Bush?

Ian McGibboney said...

Thanks for the G-mail invite, Michael. So THAT'S your real!

I should have told you, though, that I already have a gmail account. I've been using it more and more lately; the only reason I still use Hotmail for most things is because my desktop opens it up with MSN Messenger as soon as I log on. I know I can fix that, but I'm too lazy. But I appreciate the assistance, guys. Michael, is there any way I can give you back your invite? If not, I still have six and you can have one.

And yes, Hotmail's working fine again. For now.

Phizz, I've been to Arkansas so many times that at this point I probably have antibodies against every disease on Earth (knocks on wood).

Anonymous, that was ballsy.

The Manning Report said...

You have to send Bill Gates the message that he sucks, and stop using Hotmail. The only reason hotmail upgraded from 2megs to 250 megs was because of gmail. Gmail is so superior to hotmail.

Michael said...

Ian, don't worry about me "wasting" an invite. I have 49 left on that account, and quite a few more on a couple of others I have access to. I have more invites than people I can give them to.

Mustang Bobby said...

Thanks for adding me to your blogroll. The favor has been returned, plus a plug in the Friday Blogaround.

The Manning Report said...

damn now my call for jury duty has come. any good excuses to get out?

ThomasMcCay said...

Manning Report, Just tell them you heard about the case and you are damned certain the slime is guilty and ought to hang.

Conversely, tell you you like his or her looks and can't believe they could have possibly done such a thing.

That will work every single time. Go down like you want to be a juror and let you bias be known as part of why you are willing to be a juror.

Bring up some lefty political beliefs like prisons are evil and criminals are only victims of the shit society they live in.

You get the drift-it can be played from any part of the religious political spectrum. The point is you have already made up your mind regarding the guilt or innocence of anyone, based on preconceived ideas and an unwillingness to listen to facts.

The advantage of not having to go to a real job; jury duty would be an interesting break from this damned computer and my f-ing book.