Sunday, February 20, 2005

In other words...

Rob Guillory is a Vermilion cartoonist and a good friend of mine. His blog is here and his collection of cartoons can be seen at Flyboy Press. Responding to a Christian group's protest of Chris Rock as host of the Oscars, Rob posted this awesomely angry letter (parental advisory--explicit lyrics):

Dear America,

I'm so tired of this anti-vulgarity bullshit. When are you gonna realize that words like "fuck" (which I LOVE, by the way) are only given power because YOU give it to them.

For example, if someone had to call me a nigger or some shit, I'm sure I'd be a little perplexed at first (I mean...come on), but because I realize that that word is but a sound emerging from ignorant lips and not a declaration of my being, I can't say that I would be emotionally shattered by the word. And if I had to say "fuck" on live national TV, I'm sure the fabric of reality would not tear, though the media would no doubt make it seem like it had.

Here's a reality check, America: Just because you censor a word like fuck (f**k) or even better, asshole (censored on TV as ass****), the word still comes to mind in the eyes of the audience. They KNOW you just said fuck or asshole. So in a way, you might as well have just SAID "fuck" uncensored, you idiots.

An analogy: It's like having sex while your kids are sleeping in the same bed. Sure, maybe they're tucked snuggly under the covers, but with all the bed-rocking, springs-creaking and moan-making, they know you're fucking, dude. Think about it.

Please, for the sake of all that is good, get over this conservative uber-Christian sex-repressed, linguistics-fearing, ignorantly pre-packaged blindfold mentality. Realize that just because someone says the word "fuck", it doesn't mean they're tugging on the strings of all that is good an decent in an attempt to unravel it.

I say "fuck" all the time, and I don't drink, smoke, do drugs AND I'm a deliberate virgin (Gasp!).

So please, you "moral majority" fucks....TELL ME I have no morals or ethics. I AM the proof that your argument has NO grounds. I am the exception. A moral, "liberal" who believes in true love, but curses like a sailor. AND I'm NOT white. (Gasp! Not white?!!!)

Loosen the fuck up and start realizing what I realized as a friggin' five-year-old :"Sticks and stones break bones. Names don't mean shit."

Start looking around at the world we live in and tell me what's done more damage: My use of "fuck" or your lack of balls.

Okay...rant over.
Have a lovely day.


Michael said...

Tell Rob that they'll find some way to blame it on (a) The Clenis and/or Hillary (b) those evil libruls, or (c) the queers. Those seem to be the conservacons' stock answers to every question anymore.

Rob Guillory said...

Ya know, I kinda wish Hollywood WAS out of touch with the rest of the country. Then, maybe there wouldn't be so much crap on TV. Wishful thinking, I'm sure, but... I'm a dreamer, man.

gambitch said...

Personally, I don't say the F-word. I just don't allow myself to, but it's a personal thing. I don't have a problem with watching other people do it or seeing them do it. And I probably judge these people privately. Probably. But I don't join some pseudo-conservative organization in making an outcry about how these people are not the way I allow them to be.

Ian McGibboney said...

I admit I'm not much of a cursing person either; I almost never cursed throughout my entire teenage years. But then people were mistaking me for one of the Jesus freaks, so now I curse when I'm really nervous in intense pain or in intense pleasure.