Monday, February 21, 2005

Caption Contest

"Gotta get 'em young" edition

--Bush sells his policies to the generation that will pay for them
--"You look healthy. Report to your recruiter now!"
--Bush had everyone feeling blue
--"Oh, phew! You said flags!"
--When it comes to cheap and trite political pandering, No Child is Left Behind
--"In Abu Ghraib we grab 'em like this, but not by the hand...heh heh..."
--"Son, I thought you might like to meet the kid who's going to grab your outsourced job in 15 years"
--Bush prepared to inscribe the Mark of the Beast on yet another hand
--One of these children is just a little smarter than the other
--"Mr. Bush, would you autograph my middle finger?"
--The Secret Service had really let go over the past few years
--Kiran was not happy after Bush called him an "American Indian"
--"You're one tall little boy!"
--In the ruckus of the crowd, Bush's American-flag blinders kept slipping off his face
--"Say mercy, you little twerp! Mercy!"


oyster said...

Still regarded as the "little brown one", George "P" Bush watches as his uncle shows him how it's done.

"One day, P, you will continue the dynasty after Jeb(!)"

PusBoy said...

After the invasion of Italy in 2007, the ceiling of the Cistine Chapel is repainted to reflect the one true God.

MPH said...

He's not ripe yet, but soon . . . soon.

Aquaman said...

How can you waste time making fun of a picture of Bush when the seas are in trouble, fool? Do you have no priorities?

melancholic said...

Off topic, but I just came over from Dipippo's abominably bad travesty of a blog, and thought that we should perhaps make some sort of committment to tag-team that damned site. He banned me months ago--I was awarded the Antiprotester honor of having been banned "first"--but have been peppering him from all manner of computers lately. Anyway, good to see that others are fighting the good fight; this guy is a real nutjob.

Ian McGibboney said...

Aquaman, I assume that your post here is a response I left to your post, where I said that you needed to hold Bush responsible before you lambaste a Democrat for an opinion he spoke off-the-cuff. Well, I consider George W. Bush a fair target for any and all kinds of criticism and satire that I level at him. He is one the world leaders (along with Osama bin Laden) that I hold most responsible for the terrible state of the world right now.

Melancholic, I agree with you on antiprotester. Sadly, Rocco's blog is one the better conservative ones with which I associate.

MK said...

To Melancholic and Ian,

Once more unto the breach....

Rocco and Kelli really can't handle critcs.

Glad to fight alongside you.

MK said...

For caption:

"Luke, I am your father."

melancholic said...

Well, that was short. After my blood has cooled some, I think that I'm going to stop visiting antiprotester; as MK says, they just can't handle criticism, mostly because they don't completely understand it, and so all that is left is ad hominem attacks, and there's nothing to be gained there. Good luck with continuing to reason with him, though, and best.

ManicBlu said...

Hi Ian, I'm glad you popped into my blog (not my blogger one) and left a comment. I really like yours and have added you to my links.
I'm intrigued by the antiprotester site you mentioned and I see mentioned here. I must be out of the loop. I vist right wing sites quite a bit leaving a comment here and there. Is this one I should look in on?

Ian McGibboney said...

Hi Dianne!

Antiprotester, like MK said above, cannot handle criticism well. The first time I posted a comment there, Rocco and Ted (who were then the two posters) responded with almost a dozen posts attacking my comment, my career and even my personal life (based strictly on the choice of career I had on my profile at the time). Rocco will occasionally glad-hand me, all the while explaining who "belongs" on his message board. He likes to "ban" people, which is hilarious in itself because he really has no way to do it. He even charged MK and Melancholic (and I think even you) with being the same person. I recommend commenting there as long as you keep it strictly political. Let them get personal and implode all by themselves.