Thursday, January 27, 2005

File under "No Shit!"

You all know I'm not one to post things like this, but I found this too amusing not to post. I guess I really do act my age:

You Are 24 Years Old

What Age Do You Act?

I once took the more far-more-scientific age test at RealAge. I was at 16 until the family-illness and stress section, which added six years to my age all by itself. Hey, at least I was still only 22 there!


Nick said...

The test said I was 28. I always knew I was very mature and ass-tute for my age.

Nick said...

The RealAge said I am 24. Probably a mature 24.

Hegemon said...

My worldy ass is 32, beat that, sucka's!

Ian McGibboney said...

World-y ass is very common in 32-year olds. Especially if they sit around too much eating mayonnaise sandwiches.

jetbanana said...

Hey, I liked that test. I'm 31!