Friday, December 03, 2004

Vote tomorrow, Louisiana

And please don't vote stupidly

Their love child was bipartisan Posted by Hello

I know I said I wouldn't endorse her, but...Willie Landry Mount for Congress! She's not as bad as Charles Boustany! His anti-Mount commercials are so bad that they're almost like Democratic ads in disguise. Also, every day I've been getting three anti-Mount flyers in the mail for every pro-Mount flyer. I hate that.

Incidentally, my sister told me yesterday that she received a call from George W. Bush urging us to vote tomorrow (which would be today, of course). That guy's such an idiot.

Mount is the best choice because she's bipartisan; when I was in her presence last week at a government meeting, I felt like New Yorkers must feel when Rudy Giuliani walks in the room. Now THAT'S leadership!


gambitch said...

Bush made a call? This wasn't a tape recording?

Ian McGibboney said...

How I wish!