Sunday, December 26, 2004

Ten things overheard at a GOP mixer

1) "That frock knocks me out!"
2) "If it weren't for the grace of the Almighty God, America wouldn't be where it is today: the pariah of the world, in severe economic recession, sharply divided and deeply involved in questionable wars. Praise the Lord!"
3) "In the National Guard, You Can!"
4) "Anyone else feel a draft in here?"
5) "Hmmm...Where'd that National Guard recruiter go?"
6) "That's not what they mean by 'mixer,' Mr. President."
7) "Have you read Plato's Republic? Good! Neither have I!"
8) "Guns don't kill people. People kill people. With guns!"
9) "Here's a stock tip: invest in Scared Shitless Unlimited."
10) "It's gettin' hot in here...don't take off all your clothes...oh! Because nudity is filthy, evil and totally antithetical to civil and godly society."

(Inspired by our good friend Zac of Zac Attack)


Shannon said...

"I believe in a smaller, less powerful federal government... Unless my guys are in charge, of course. Then it should be as bloated and powerful as Jabba the Hutt. What's that? 'Hypocrisy?' You with your big, fancy words and your lattes! You must hate America. Pass the champagne."


"You spike the punch with the booze you have."

ThomasMcCay said...

Yes, we have gone to politics with the brains we have...