Monday, December 20, 2004

Return of the Caption Contest!

The Minor League of Nations Posted by Hello

(From The Drudge Report, via Bartcop)

--That Canadian acid was, like, SOOO good
--Bush wondered why both men were spinning
--Bush goes to war at the drop of Churchill's hat
--Kids these days...
--The New Deal and the Raw Deal
--"That Axis of Evil idea? I stole it!"
--"No, FDR, you can't have polio medicine from Canada!"
--The new Churchill? Close, but no cigar
--FDR: "Honestly, Bush, I'd rather stare at Stalin"
--"Um...Delany? Deleanor? Delorean?"
--Churchill: "No, George, I'm not Winston from the Ghostbusters"
--Bush chided FDR for harboring and using weapons of mass destruction
--Introducing the new IQ quota system for world leaders
--"I'd like to Axis you guys a question..."
--"Why do you guys keep saying "sore thumb"?


Liz "the Biz" said...

Next, on Springer...
(Churchill throws a chair at Bush) "You dirty bitch! You dirty bitch!"

Michael said...

Winnie would never do something as crass as throw a chair. But I could easily see him demolishing Shrub with a cutting remark: "The present location of your alleged wit, Mr Bush, is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma."

Michael said...

The Decline of Western Civilization...

thehim said...

Bush: "I love Laurel and Hardy, but what does that have to do with Canada"

Phillip said...


Never give up.
Never give up.
Never gi...

What? They re-elected him? Fuck it, I quit.

Flamingo Jones said...

American Idle's take on this picture