Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Newsflash: racists are stupid

In a related report, geography education hits all-time low

Ah hate 'em Mex'cans! Taintin' ar pure her'tage! Posted by Hello

This lovely picture is from the newly retooled site of the Council of Conservative Citizens, that white-pride bastion that is NOT THE KKK, thankyaverymuch! (Hell, if Trent Lott thinks this organization is just dandy than it's all right--I mean, awl rat--by me.)

The above picture comes from the site's juicy photo album, if you can call it that (It's more like an EP than an album). Anyway, this pic's caption proclaims that it was taken at an anti-immigration rally. Boy, those people sure are focused on letting the nation know of the evil treachery down south! Too bad the photo had to be cropped so much; I harbor no doubt in my mind that this crowd represents but a tiny fraction of those who showed. No doubt at all...

And just where did such an impassioned plea against those dirty immigrants take place? Santa Fe? Phoenix? Southwest Texas? On the banks of the Rio Grande? Taco Bell? Try Asheville, North Carolina! Come on now...surely God's Master Race could have picked a more appropriate location to bitch about Mexicans, somewhere closer to the border...maybe, perhaps, South Carolina?

To recap: we've got a dozen white people, in North Carolina, telling Mexicans to swim back to Mexico. Am I missing something here? Help me out; I'm just a stupid mick.

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Michael said...

Oy, veh iz mir! as my Jewish friends would say. I thought the trip-C was as dead as Strom Thurmond, and long since buried in the muck heap of history. To learn that it's been resurrected and is gaining ground, well, let's just say that doesn't add much to my stock of holiday cheer.