Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Church and state, sitting in a tree...

Presenting the Christian Coalition's Agenda for the 108th Congress (2003-04)!

1) Making permanent President Bush's 2001 federal tax cuts, including the marriage penalty tax cut

2) Getting votes in the first session of the 108th Congress to confirm President Bush's judicial nominations.

3) Help pass Senator Charles Schumer's bipartisan 'Stop Pornography and Abusive Marketing Act,' the SPAM Act, S. 1231.

4) Passing Senator Lindsey Graham's and Congressman Joe Wilson's 'Holy Sites' resolution Senator Graham's resolution, S.Con.Res.32 and Congressman Wilson's H.Con Res.150 addresses the protection of religious sites mainly in and near Israel [?!!] and the freedom of acess [sic] and worship in these sites.

5) Passing Majority Whip Roy Blunt's and Democrat Congressman Harold Ford's 'Charitable Giving Act of 2003,' H.R. 7. Their bill now has 80 co-sponsors and just one of their bill's provisions would mean an additional $4.3 billion in giving to American [religious] charities.

6) Passing Congressman Spencer Bachus' and Senator Jon Kyl's 'Internet Gambling Enforcement Act'.

7) Getting a vote on Congressman Henry Brown's 'Child Pornography Prevention Constitutional Amendment' in both the House and Senate

8) Passing Congressman Walter Jones' 'Houses of Worship Free Speech Restoration Act.'

9) Passing Congressman Robert Aderholt's 'Ten Commandments Display Act', H.R. 2045

10) Passing the anti-cloning bill, including Senator Sam Brownback's bill in the U.S. Senate

11) Passing Congresswoman Melissa Hart's and Senator Mike DeWine's 'Unborn Victims of Violence Act' (called the "Laci and Connor's" in the U.S. House.)...Their bill would prosecute as a separate offense those who engage in conduct which causes the death or bodily injury of a child - in a mother's womb. [You know, I think that murdering a pregnant woman and her fetus is a bit different than aborting a two-day-old zygote by choice, but that's just me]

12) Passing the 'Child Custody Protection Act in the House and Senate (i.e. protecting parental notification rights for abortions on minors.)

13) Getting a vote on Congressman Ernest Istook's 'Prayer and Pledge' Constitutional Amendment...which proposes an amendment to the Constitution of the United States restoring religious freedom [scaaary!]

14) Support Support Congressman Frank Lucas' 'Pledge of Allegiance Constitutional Amendment'

15) Support Congressman Todd Akin's 'Hands off the Pledge of Allegiance, Federal Courts'

16) Prohibit special civil rights protection based on sexual preference/'domestic partners'.

17) Supporting legislation allowing parental choice in education(vouchers/tax credits/scholarship tax credits, etc.)

18) Supporting legislation barring adoptions of children by homosexuals

19) Supporting legislation prohibiting the physical desecration of the flag of the United States of America.

My question is this: what do any of these agenda items have one crap to do with the teachings and moral philosophy of Jesus? I do see some Hitler in them; but then, he was a fervent believer in the mixing of fundamentalist religion and government, so maybe it all makes sense...

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thehim said...

There's no way to sugar coat that. It's scary shit. Anyone who's read Mein Kampf can easily see the parallels (or if you've read any of Ann Coulter's book's, that should suffice as well).

Number 13 is especially terrifying since this country already has religious freedom. What exactly does Space Cadet Istook have in mind? Exactly how many Americans believe that forcing children to stand up, salute the flag, and denounce atheism in school every day is restoring religious freedom? And how can I find out where they all live, so I can visit each and every one of them and call them a fuckwit personally?