Sunday, November 21, 2004

What I did in junior high

My drawing skills really blew Posted by Hello

Hmmm...perhaps a little context might help...

The following is a cartoon I drew for my middle-school newspaper. No, I'm not kidding! Paul Breaux Middle school, where I attended gifted and honors classes from 6th to 8th grades, had a newspaper! Its name was the "Advertiger" (a pun on The Advertiser and our school mascot, the elephant) and it came out six times a year. And get this--we SOLD it! At 25 cents an issue, it always sold out (scratches head). I will probably post more of the good stuff as time goes by, including the first piece of work I ever had published (which was unintentionally chopped by incompetent typists, setting the standard for years to come). From the second issue, this is my first of three cartoons from eighth grade:

A valuable resume-builder Posted by Hello

Trademarks of my little piece of artistry:
--Very dense panels (example--gags on the chalkboard)
--Books that look like pieces of bread
--Unintentionally sexually provocative drawing
--Anatomically incorrect breasts on girls
--My actual locker number

Your guide to the pile (from bottom-left):

An "F-" paper, a watch with pointy ends, a lunch bag helpfully emblazoned with the words "Lunch Bag," a wallet helpfully emblazoned with the word "wallet," a cassette, a basketball, a party invitation, a dog bone, a sandwich in a sandwich bag marked "today's lunch" (Not in the bag?), a dollar bill of some sort, a very large key, a very small car, a floating "A+," a copy of The Advertiger, a love note, a science textbook, another cassette, a calculator, a 45-rpm record, a CD, an 8-bit Nintendo game, an apparently folded X-Men comic book, a pungent bag marked "Tuna--5/93!", an old-school Louisiana license plate, a tiny bicycle of some sort, a French 3 textbook, an REM CD case and the original pile outline that makes little sense.

That's my comic for Sunday. Just so you'd understand that I was warped even back then.

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