Monday, November 22, 2004

Forget me! Meet the REAL faces of the USA!

He's a divider, not a uniter Posted by Hello

Flamingo Jones gave me the head-up on a wonderful site called You're Welcome, Everybody! This terrific bastion of conservatism offers us the beacons of the all-new Moral Murrika, including such landmark signifiers as these:

It's the law in the new GOPSA Posted by Hello

The assault rifle hides Lady Liberty's middle finger Posted by Hello

We get it! You're not sorry! Jesus H. Christ, man... Posted by Hello

Yes, this was done by a Bush SUPPORTER! Posted by Hello

YWE! is a supposed spoof of Sorry Everybody, a site where people post pictures of themselves holding handwritten signs and apologizing for Bush's reelection. On YWE!, people do the opposite: they proudly proclaim their support for Bush; the rules apparently mandate that they do so in the most arrogant, condescending, hateful and obnoxious manner possible. These people aren't interested in Uniting, Not Dividing; they want to eradicate liberals and non-Bush voters as much as they want to annihilate Osama bin Laden. They are clearly some very sore winners. I swear to the deities that I did not create this myself! I couldn't have fathomed something this atrocious even as parody.

If ever you find your resolve wavering, if ever you find yourself throwing up your hands and wondering 'What's the use?", if ever you need a reminder just what kind of mentality is threatening to destroy the world as we know it, then take a trip through You're Welcome, Everybody! Let's take a peek!

First, there's the standard-issue Republican worship:

Then Georgie woke up Posted by Hello

No more a that there gay marriage! Asses is for boots! Posted by Hello

No one desecrates a flag quite like Karl Rove Posted by Hello

The there's the photoshopped pics of hot chicks who would probably never touch, let alone sleep with, any Repub dude:

Women like this just LOVE bananas! Posted by Hello

Pictures of people with unmatching hands are never sorry Posted by Hello

Ironically, the people who enjoy bush the most are in blue states! Posted by Hello

And, of course, pictures of vicious dogs abound:

Even a dog needs a tinfoil hat to like Bush Posted by Hello

Come to Gawja, so's we can shootcha heah! Posted by Hello

The rest of the site is a compendium of ordinary approachable Americans--cammies, guns and all! Each of these friendly people want to stand up and be counted among the proud 51 percent of the voters that support everything for which America stands!

John Lennon really let go over the years Posted by Hello

Ah love mah's so phallic... Posted by Hello

...but Civil War reenactors? That's a different story... Posted by Hello

Bravely defending the empty beds of America Posted by Hello

gud spellrs can go to hel two...... Posted by Hello

An Army of One (lunatic) Posted by Hello

With all of the American pride seeping out of the seams of You're Welcome, Everybody!, it's only a matter of time before the U.S. Armed Forces takes note and taps into this goldmine of potential recruits. GOP Bless America!


thehim said...


I'd love to see how many of them would actually go to Iraq (I think some of them really do believe it's all flowers and candy over there, so I don't think it'll be a small number), or would pull a Cheney and go as far as to have a kid to get out of it.

Joe said...

This would be funny (Cowboy Jesus was my favorite) if the people submitting the pictures were not serious. But something tells me these folks are dead as a heart attack serious.

I agree with you Ian...these people are not satisfied with just holding power. They want to destroy any group that does not support them.

Here's the question I have..Do these people represent a "lunatic fringe" of the 59 million people that voted for Bush..or does this represent the sentiments of most Bush supporters?

Nick said...

Well Joe:

Do the lefties who keep declaring that this past election was rigged and that Kerry really won represent the "fringe left" or all lefties?

Ian McGibboney said...

Joe and Nick, I am not naive enough to believe that this sampling represents all Bush voters. Of course not. It leaves out all of the passive, uncaring, ignorant, afraid and/or complacent voters who share none of the attributes of the above gang. Error of omission, I confess. I also left out all of the children pictured on the site, because children don't vote and I have a feeling that a lot of these little pawns are going to retch in a few years when they're old enough to vote and realize that their parents used them as heart-tugging political baggage. I know a few of these former children myself. So far on this site, I have seen (almost to a letter) militant gun nuts, obviously modified shots of models, dogs and young children. And of course, that's between all of the Bush-as-God collages and homoerotic ass-kicking. If those groups do not represent the Bush 51, then hopefully the silent masses will soon wage a campaign to take back their good name.

Kyle said...

Thanks for the link Ian! You know I will sumit my pic! ;)

Ian McGibboney said...

I know you will, Carl. If you do so, let me know which one it is and I'll give it its own post!

Phillip said...

"Do the lefties who keep declaring that this past election was rigged and that Kerry really won represent the "fringe left" or all lefties?"

Does wanting to make sure all votes are counted make me a radical? I don't see how you can compare gun-toters wanting to kill gay people to people on the left who just want to ensure that our democratic process works. Are republicans not interested in a fair election? We already know they don't think much of civil rights (except that 2nd one).