Thursday, November 25, 2004

Danke Schoen

Ever seen one turkey hold another? Posted by Hello

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! What are YOU thankful for?

That's not rhetorical, guys! I'm a little short on non-sarcastic thanks this year, aside from the godly gift of Carl P:

Carl shoots his own dinner...table Posted by Hello

I promised Carl that I'd publish his pic if he sent it to You're Welcome, Everybody! And I am most thankful that he did so with all speed.

If you are reading this today, then go away! Watch some football, kiss the one you love, get drunk, anything! If nothing else, be thankful that today is a holiday for all that good stuff!


oyster said...

I love Carl. He seems like a beautiful human being, despite seasoning cooked turkey with lead.

jetbanana said...

I'm thank God every day for Mr and Mrs Murph and for Mr Jetbanana. Happy Thanksgiving, Ian.

Nick said...

Am I supposed to be thankful that we have loons like Icon publishing stuff that our childred can read and be corrupted by?

Icon, I took your advice about getting drunk to heart, and my head hurts this morning. Amanda Bowen was out w/ us. I drank like Dubya did in college.

You know, it's amazing, almost scary how much Dubya and I have in common. He's was a landman, I'm a landman. He got a DWI, I have a DWI. His wife was a librarian, my girlfriend wants to either own a book store or be a librarian (I keep telling her someone as pretty as her shouldn't have such a dorky job). All that's left is for me to become president of the USA. You'd endorse me, right?

The Manning Report said...

Is that a .357?

Kyle said...

Why yes, Manning, it surely is.