Monday, October 18, 2004

Taking unpaid leave

Being that I have several school-related projects in tow this week, as well as a new online project I'll be unveiling soon, I'm not sure how often I'll be posting here. I'll try to tack on another caption contest at some point, as well as more excerpts from "It's My America Too" (that book is just KILLING me with laughter!)

So until then, enjoy my back catalog. Or better yet, go outside! Get some fresh air. Ride a bike. Play some basketball. Spend some time with someone you love (or just have sex, either way is fine with me). Sleep is fun too. But don't forget to be inside by dinnertime or no more TV tonight!


Michael said...

With all due respect to Ian, let me offer a couple of alternative suggestions:

-give a few bucks to Kerry or the candidate(s) of your choice
-volunteer for ACT, Kerry/Edwards, or the candidate(s) of your choice
-write letters to the editor of your local newspaper about the importance of this election and the necessity to get out and vote in it

We've got two weeks left to go. This is crunch time. The wingnuts are going to be throwing everything including the kitchen sink at us. Let's not look back 15 days from now and have to ask ourselves "What more could we have done to prevent another four years of CheneyBushCo?"

Ian McGibboney said...

How about a compromise?

1) RUN to the ATM to get out money to buy stationery (on which to write your letters) and to contribute to the Kerry campaign;

2) WALK or BIKE around your neighborhood to campaign for Kerry/Edwards;

3) MAKE LOVE after the Kerry victory party.

Hegemon said...

It will be so fun to watch your hopes and dreams crushed in front of my eyes, I'm really giddy with excitement!

Phillip said...

That's another difference between conservatives and liberals - we don't take pleasure in the suffering of others.

Ian McGibboney said...

Oh, phizz, let him be. It's Tommy's right as an American to be seriously insecure.